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Do you have questions related to the 2021 by-election but can't find the answers? We can help.

The information on this page is designed to help you if you are considering a run for elected office. It includes links to some of the most commonly requested information about the election process.

There is a significant amount of general information about the upcoming election here on our site, so we recommend you start by reviewing that:

In addition, the Province of BC and Elections BC both offer a large amount of helpful guidance related to both voting and running in the election, written in easy-to-understand language:

These are the answers to questions that were submitted to us through the form on this page.

Q. Can I give myself the title "Candidate" before I have been officially nominated?

The status as "candidate" does not exist until 4:00 pm on Friday, April 23, 2021 when the Chief Election Officer must declare as candidates for an elected office all persons who have been nominated for the office (LGA s. 97(1)).

Q. Is there a District bylaw that regulates the placement/use of election signs for local elections?

As per the Street and Traffic Bylaw, any person may place an election campaign sign on a Highway for the purpose of promoting a candidate or political party for election to public office.

Election campaign signs:

  • are prohibited on Highway Medians
  • are prohibited on or in front of District flower or shrub beds
  • are prohibited on a Highway within 100 metres of the District Municipal Hall;
  • for Local Government and School District Elections must not be posted more than 21 days prior to Voting Day
  • must be removed within 8 days following Voting Day
  • those placed in a prohibited area may be removed by an Enforcement Officer.

Q. What should I include in the 250 word candidate profile statement?

We are offering the opportunity to all candidates to provide a picture and a statement of their campaign platform which will be posted on the District website.

The information included in this statement is up to the individual candidate, we are not able to provide guidance on the content. 

Q. I may be sponsored by CUPE or NVTA, should I fill in the elector organization document in the nomination package?

No, candidates should not fill in the elector organization documents. To clarify:

  • Candidates for School Trustee should complete only the forms listed in the nomination document section entitled School Trustee and submit these to the CEO during the nomination period
  • Elector Organizations endorsing candidates for School Trustee should complete only the forms listed in the Elector Organization Endorsement Package – School Trustee and submit these to the CEO during the nomination period
  • Third Party Sponsors must register and submit documents directly to Elections BC

Q. How many nominators are required for School Trustee candidates in the District of North Vancouver?

The District of North Vancouver requires two nominators who are on the list of electors and who meet the requirements listed on page CS2-1 of the Candidate Nomination Package.

Q: Do nominators need to confirm they are a registered elector in the District through the Municipal Clerk’s Office?

When candidates submit their nomination documents the Chief Election Officer will check the names and addresses of the nominators against the 2021 list of electors. If a nominator is not on the list of electors the candidate will have two options:

  1. obtain the endorsement of another registered elector (who is on the list)
  2. contact the nominator who is not on the list and ask them to come to the Clerk’s Office and verify that they are an eligible elector in the District of North Vancouver.

The list of electors is available for review, upon signature, in the Clerk’s Office Monday – Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm by appointment. Electors in the District of North Vancouver may also call the Clerk’s Office to verify if their name is on the list of electors, the telephone number is 604-990-2211. 

Q: Are CUPE and NVTA considered elector organizations?

The rules regarding endorsement of candidates by unions have changed from previous elections. Information regarding sponsorship of candidates by organizations such as CUPE or NVTA should be obtained directly from those organizations or Elections BC. You can contact Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 or electoral.finance@elections.bc.ca

Q: What are your options for receiving and submitting ballots?

The two options for voting are to vote in person or by mail ballot.

If you require a mail ballot, please complete the Mail Ballot Application form:

The mail ballot package must be returned to the Chief Election Officer before 8 pm on Saturday, May 29. The ballot cannot be in any other form except the original ballot. It is the responsibility of the elector to ensure that the ballots are returned before the deadline. 

Q: I own a house with my partner in the District but I am not on title. Am I still eligible to vote as a non-resident property elector?

You must be on title to be eligible to vote as a non-resident property elector. Additionally, as per the Local Government Act, "(5) If there is more than one individual who is the registered owner of real property, either as joint tenants or tenants in common, only one of those individuals may register as a non-resident property elector under this section in relation to the real property." If you were also to be on title, only one individual could register as a non-resident property elector.

Q: Who enforces sign placement on provincial property within DNV jurisdiction?

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regulates sign placement on provincial highways.

The Street and Traffic Bylaw has more information regarding sign placements and deadlines. 


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