Financial statements

The Community Charter requires that every BC municipality prepare annual audited financial statements.

These statements must be prepared according to the generally accepted accounting principles for local governments in Canada, and submitted to the Inspector of Municipalities by May 15th of the following year.

2023 Consolidated Financial Statements

There are four main components to our financial statements:

  • Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
  • Consolidated Statement of Operations
  • Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
  • Consolidated Statement of Change in Net Financial Assets (Net Debt)

In addition, the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements contain important information and explanations that complement disclosure required by legislation and regulation.

Download the 2023 Consolidated Financial Statement

What's in the financial statements?

Financial statements provide information on a municipality's financial position in terms of its assets and liabilities, its net financial assets (or net debt), its accumulated surplus (or deficit), and its tangible capital assets and other non-financial assets.

Learn more about financial statements

Our Guide to Financial Statements gives you a complete overview of financial statements, with examples and explanations.

Download the Guide to Financial Statements

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