Mayor and Councillors

Council establishes administrative policy, adopts bylaws governing matters delegated to local government, and levies taxes for these purposes. Council is also empowered to manage, acquire, and dispose of the District's assets.

The day-to-day operation of the District is delegated by Council to the Chief Administrative Officer and District Staff.

Since 1891, when the District of North Vancouver was first incorporated, the responsibility for local government in the District has been vested in a Mayor (known until 1967 as the "Reeve") and Council. The Mayor and six Councilors make up Council.

Council contact information

Email Mayor Little and all six Councillors together:

Use the contact information in this table to contact an individual Councillor.

  Phone Email
Mayor Mike Little 604-990-2208 (office)
604-209-3971 (cell)
Jordan Back 604-313-8192 (cell)
Mathew Bond 604-783-9650
Megan Curren 604-219-3067 (cell)
Betty Forbes 604-880-3381 (cell)
Jim Hanson 604-984-7555 (office)
604-505-3500 (cell)
Lisa Muri 604-209-9770

You can also use this form to contact Mayor and Council

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