Report a bylaw infraction

We enforce about twenty different bylaws, related to such issues as:

  • parking on the street
  • the condition of yards
  • derelict vehicles
  • animals
  • lawn watering
  • signs
  • noise
  • illegal dumping (such as garbage, yard waste, construction debris)

We enforce our bylaws in an efficient and timely manner, using a fair, respectful, and consistent approach. In a dispute, bylaw officers take everyone's viewpoints into account, and consider the broader effect on the entire community.

Review our complaint and enforcement policy

How we manage complaints

Staff respond to complaints, as well as enforce any infractions they observe.

Most problems are solved through voluntary compliance. However, where this does not happen, actions we take might include:

  • Prosecution — a court process to deal with an offence that is alleged to have been committed
  • Court order — a court process to stop something from being done, or to require something to be done
  • Direct action — such as having the District take appropriate action, at the owner’s expense

Tell us about a bylaw concern

To report a concern, you can use our online service, phone, or stop by in person.


Use our "report a problem" tool to easily report a bylaw concern online, in just a few seconds.

Report a bylaw concern

By phone

If your concern is about Call
Dogs 604-990-3711
Parking 604-990-2400
All other issues  604-990-2311

In person

You can speak to a bylaw officer in person, by visiting the bylaw enforcement office, which is based in the RCMP Detachment.

Please call ahead to ensure that an officer will be available to meet with you.

Address: 147 East 14th Street, North Vancouver
Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday

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