Speak at a council meeting

We provide a 30-minute public input period at the beginning of regular Council meetings, during which you can speak to Council on any item of interest for up to three minutes.

Regular Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month and agendas are posted on the Tuesday morning before the next Council meeting.

All upcoming Council workshops are held virtually.

This page has information for how to:

  • Participate or speak at a Council meeting virtually, in-person, or as a non-speaking observer
  • Attend or speak at a Council workshop virtually
  • Provide written material to Council before you speak
  • Present a delegation
  • Conduct during meetings

COVID-19 safety measures

We've made a number of adjustments to our Council meeting process to ensure we are complying with provincial safety standards, including:

  • Safe social distancing among attendees, with a maximum of 17 audience members permitted to be in the chambers at any one time
  • Appointing a front foyer area facilitator to screen visitors and hand out temporary face masks
  • Requiring everyone who would like to speak at a meeting, or simply just attend, to register in advance with the Municipal Clerk
  • Creating a one-way flow of traffic throughout Council chambers
  • Disinfecting speaker's desk after each use
  • Mandating attendees to use face masks when unable to maintain safe social distancing 

Attending or speaking at a Council meeting

If you would like to sign up to speak in person, virtually, or attend a Council meeting meeting in person as a non-speaking observer, you must register in advance by emailing the Municipal Clerk gordonja@dnv.org before 12pm noon on the day of the meeting.

What you need to know if you plan on attending a meeting in person

Due to COVID-19, here are the rules and requirements we've established:

  1. You are not permitted to enter District Hall prior to five minutes before the meeting. Please wait inside your vehicle or ensure you maintain at least two metres of distance between yourself and others outside.
  2. A front desk receptionist will meet you at the front door and verify your name on an entry list and ask if you have read and subsequently answered ‘no’ to the COVID-19 self-assessment questions posted at the entrance.
  3. You must wear a face mask in situations where you cannot maintain at least two metres of spacing. We will provide you with a face mask at the front door if you do not have one.
  4. Do not do not loiter or socialize in the lobby and maintain at least two metres of distance from others while moving within the building.

Attending or speaking at a Council workshop

All Council workshops are held virtually. You can attend a Council workshop by watching the live stream online. If you would like to participate in a Council workshop, please email gordonja@dnv.org before 12pm noon on the day of the meeting.

Watch the live stream

Speaking in person

A maximum of 10 speakers will have up to three minutes to address Council. You can ask to be scheduled to speak during the public input portion of the meeting, or when an item is being discussed. The number of speakers is limited to one in favour and one opposed at each item.

Here's how you can provide input during the meeting:

  1. Move directly to the speakers table when the presiding member of the meeting calls your name. If you are unable to maintain a distance of at least two metres from others at any time, please wear your face mask.
  2. Introduce yourself to Council, giving them both your name and approximate address.
  3. You can speak for up to three minutes.
  4. Any materials you wish to leave for Council may be left in the black tray on the presenter's desk. 
  5. When finished, disinfect the desk, keyboard (if used), and the arms of the chair with the wipes provided on table.
  6. If you are the next speaker, please remain seated until the presenter’s desk has been disinfected and the previous speaker has cleared the area.

Speaking virtually

If the Council chambers reaches capacity with public input speakers, you will be able to participate virtually.

Here's how you can speak virtually during the meeting:

  1. The Municipal Clerk will provide you with instructions for how to connect to our WebEx platform by email. 
  2. You will have the opportunity to have a practice session prior to the meeting to ensure you are familiar with the software prior to your presentation.
  3. The speaker’s list will continue beyond the number of people permitted in the room, so the Mayor will call on you virtually.
  4. You will have up to three minutes to address Council
  5. Any materials you wish to leave for Council may be emailed to the Municipal Clerk.

Speaking at a Council workshop

Public input at Council workshops is limited to 10 speakers and dependent on the amount of time available. Public input is discretionary and depends on the amount of time available, which may prevent some or all from speaking.

All Council workshops are held virtually, To speak at a Council workshop, you are required to register in advance by emailing gordonja@dnv.org before 12pm noon on the day of the meeting. 

Attending as a non-speaking observer

You can attend the meeting as a non-speaking observer if vacant seats remain after priority is given to public input speakers and a delegation, or watch the meeting online.

Providing written material to Council

If you would like to share your thoughts in writing — rather than speak at a meeting — you can email Mayor and Council at council@dnv.org. Your letter will be circulated to them and, if appropriate, its contents will be acted upon by staff.

To ensure Council receives written material in advance of the Monday meeting where you plan to speak, we can circulate the material to Council if we receive it by Tuesday at 12pm of the week prior.

Presenting a delegation at the meeting

While delegations are limited to two people, the presenter's desk can only seat one person at a time safely. You will have up to five minutes to address Council during your delegation.

If your presentation is being made by two people, please make sure it's divided at a logical point to ensure contact remains minium.

Here's how you can present a delegation:

  1. Delegations have up to five minutes to address Council. Questions from Council may follow. 
  2. Each time a speaker leaves the presenter's desk, you must wipe down the desk, keyboard (if used), and the arms of the chair with the disinfecting wipes provided on table.
  3. If two people are presenting the delegation, the second speaker must remain seated until the desk is disinfected and the previous speaker is clear of the area.
  4. Maintain at least two metres of distance between yourself and others at all times. If this is not possible, please wear your face mask.

Conduct during Council meetings

There are a number of rules and requirements for conducting yourself during a Council meeting or workshop. Speakers’ comments are live-streamed on the DNV website and recorded for rebroadcast.

All comments are directed to the presiding member and you must address the Mayor as “Your Worship” or “Mayor Little” and councillors as “Councillor…” followed by their surname.

The public are asked to:

  • Respect the authority of the Chair and stop speaking if called to order
  • Listen quietly and respect each person’s right to voice their opinion
  • Refrain from applause or expressions of emotion, whether for or against an item, that may potentially intimidate additional speakers
  • Not otherwise disrupt the meeting or a speaker

Speakers may not:

  • Speak disrespectfully of any other person
  • Use rude or offensive language
  • Make a statement or allegation that impugns the character of any person
  • Speak or act in an aggressive, bullying or harassing manner
  • Unnecessarily delay the meeting
  • Not comment on items of a closed public hearing

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