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Help us name a new 'living street' in Lions Gate Village

Conceptual drawing of new 'woonerf' street in Lions Gate Village
Conceptual drawing of the new 'Woonerf' (living street) for Lions Gate Village, from the Lions Gate Public Realm Strategy

As part of our effort to create a special, pedestrian-first place within the heart of Lions Gate Village, we are building a new street running north-south between Fullerton Avenue and Curling Road, and we'd like your help naming it.

This new street is modeled on a 'Woonerf,' or living street, which is a street designed for all people to share, whether they're walking, cycling, or driving.

Shaped by irregular planting islands alternating with parking pockets to create meanders and slow vehicle traffic, the street will reflect the Village's river theme, have a busy mix of activities, and provide a strategic north-south connection through the neighbourhood.

What's happening next

April 15, 2019 — Name recommendation to Council

Staff will present the proposed name, "Lions Gate Lane," to Council for first, second, and third reading. 

View the proposed naming bylaw, staff report, and summary of public input

What we've done so far

January 10 to February 1, 2019 — Public consultation

Between January 10 and February 1, 2019, we asked you to share your ideas for street names. We received 116 responses with over 150 unique name suggestions. Some highlights:

  • 24 responses suggested some variation of a name beginning with 'Lions', with the most frequently mentioned variation being: Lions Gate Lane/Promenade/Way
  • 14 responses and several comments suggested giving the street a name relating to the First Peoples of the area, or consulting with local First Nations on an appropriate name. Bilingual street signs with both the English and Indigenous versions of the street name were a lso suggested
  • 8 responses supported the previously recommended name 'Lions Lane'
  • 7 responses suggested naming the street after local salmon or trout species, such as 'Chinook' or 'Coho'
  • 7 responses suggested naming the street after Tim Jones, a former North Shore Rescue Team Leader who passed away in 2014

October 29, 2018 — Recommendation for additional public consultation

After consulting residents, conducting research through the North Vancouver Museum and Archives, and collecting other inputs, our Place Naming Committee recommended that Council adopt "Lions Lane" as the name for the new street.

At their October 29, 2018 regular meeting, Council directed instead to refer the name back to the Place Naming Committee for further consultation with the local community.

The new Lions Gate Village living street to be named is shown here. It will run north-south between Curling Rd and Fullerton Ave

Naming guidelines in the District

General place naming guidelines

Our Naming Selection Criteria and Procedures Policy (approved by Council on February 16, 2015) provides a consistent and transparent approach to naming streets, parks, community facilities, and places in the District, and helps inform the work of the Place Naming Committee and Council when making decisions regarding name selection.

Consider names that:

  • have a strong connection to the local community
  • reflect cues from the local context and have historical, social or cultural relevance
  • may reference local geographic and environmental features such as mountains, rivers, creeks, coves, flora and fauna
  • engender a positive image
  • are not the same as or sound similar to existing North Shore names
  • avoid duplicating existing MetroVancouver names, where possible
  • generally avoid honourific or personal names except in occasional circumstances as warranted
  • avoid difficult pronunciation and spelling
  • do not lend themselves to inappropriate abbreviations or acronyms

Specific street naming guidelines

In addition to the general criteria listed above,this should be considered for street naming:

  • The name should be concise and easy to pronounce
  • Extensions of a common name should generally be limited to one duplication (e.g. Byron Road and Byron Place) and take into account the Road Designations per Appendix A
  • Where a collector street changes direction, it shall retain its same name.

Download the complete Naming Selection Criteria and Procedures policy

How we'll select the final name

We will take suggestions from the public until February 1.

Once the period for suggestions closes, staff will create a short list of names, using the policy selection criteria as a guide. The short list will then be discussed with the Place Naming Committee and presented to Council, along with the Committee's recommendation, and Council will make a final decision on the name.

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