Jump On A New Heat Pump

We're working with the other North Shore municipalities and the province’s CleanBC program to help homeowners make the switch to energy efficient, low-carbon heat pumps for home heating and cooling.

Interested in making the switch to a heat pump?

We're offering a free virtual home energy check-up for residents that includes a one-on-one conversation with an energy expert to assess what home energy upgrades best suit your goals and priorities.

North Shore homeowner discusses making the decision to install a heat pump

Watch and find out why heat pumps are a better way to heat your home


With up to $13,000 in combined rebates, there’s no better time to make the switch to a heat pump.

  • CleanBC Better Homes Program - Receive up to $8,000 to switch from fossil fuel heating to a heat pump. This program currently includes a $2,000 top-up from the District. Be sure to include the North Shore group purchase code: GPR0162-EXP20/12/2022 to receive up to $500 in additional rebates. Apply now at CleanBC Better Homes 
  • Canada Greener Homes Program - For grants of up to $5,000 to help homeowners make energy efficiency retrofits to their homes, including switching to a heat pump. This federal rebate program requires a separate application

Homeowner webinars 

We recently hosted a webinar for homeowners to learn more about heat pumps, free virtual home energy check-ups, and current rebates. Watch the video.

View a recording of our July webinar to find out tips from industry experts.

Homeowner guides 

Other resources 


This campaign is part of the North Shore municipalities efforts towards addressing climate change and supports our Community Energy and Emissions Plan. This program was developed with financial support from BC Hydro.

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