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The District of North Vancouver Fire Rescue Services (DNVFRS) is a mission-oriented emergency services agency focused on the safety and well-being of our community.

Our members provide caring and compassionate fire, rescue and emergency medical services to our citizens and visitors alike.

We deliver services through an integrated approach that encompasses emergency response for fire, rescue, and life safety, and community risk reduction through public safety programs, including risk-based inspections, fire investigation, plan review, and targeted public education.

A Welcome from Chief Brian Hutchinson

DNVFRS Fire Chief Brian Hutchinson

It is an honour to present the District of North Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (DNVFRS) Annual Report 2020.

This annual report describes how we did in the past year, not only by reporting the outcomes achieved in terms of data and statistics, but also − and perhaps more importantly − through sharing some of the stories of how our innovative and community-focused staff serve the community.

As the District has evolved and transformed, so too has its Fire & Rescue Service. We are always striving to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our services through innovation and ongoing analysis of our operational results.

Our Strategic Plan

Over the past year, we undertook a collaborative approach to the development of our DNVFRS Strategic Plan 2020-2025. This five-year plan is ambitious, proactive, and looks to position our Fire & Rescue Services at the forefront of the changing environment in which we work and live. By developing a comprehensive plan that leverages data and metrics to inform how we evolve and change, we are consciously creating our future.

Serving our community

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged our society and brought many changes to how we deliver services within the community. As always, the DNVFRS remains committed to providing the highest levels of emergency response and community risk reduction services to residents and visitors to the District of North Vancouver.

As Fire Chief, I am proud of the level of dedication and professional commitment that every department member embodies, regardless of rank, position, or assignment. I am truly honoured to serve with such a diligent and compassionate team who provide superior service and exemplary care throughout our community, and I’m thankful for the ongoing support we receive from District Council, our public safety partners, and the different operational divisions within the DNV.

Council and residents alike can be proud that their Fire & Rescue Services team is one of the most highly trained, innovative, resilient, and compassionate emergency service agencies in North America.


Brian Hutchinson, MA, CEM®, ECFO

Your DNVFRS at a Glance

With over 130 firefighters, command, training, and support staff at five strategically located fire stations, we serve the District’s 82,500 residents and 160 square kilometres of urban and wilderness land.

Graphic: Buildings: 5 fire stations, 1 training centre. Staff: 7 command staff, 120 firefighters, 9 fire prevention and training staff, 3.5 support staff. Apparatus: 5 fire engines, 1 tower truck, 1 command vehicle, 1 rescue truck.

What We Believe

Two firefighters in a smoky room using a hose to battle a fire.

Our Mission

We proudly serve our community by providing exceptional fire suppression, medical aid, technical rescue, fire prevention and public education services.

Our Vision

To be an inclusive and progressive leader that consistently provides our community with excellent service.

Our Values

Community — Treat people with kindness and respect
Integrity — Do the right thing
Well-being — Foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being
Innovation — Drive change for the good

A group of firefighters from different jurisdictions take part in training exercises.

Part of a Regional Fire and Emergency System

We are part of a regional fire and emergency services system, working alongside West Vancouver Fire and Rescue and the North Vancouver City Fire Department under a Cooperative Fire/Rescue Services agreement.

As a participating agency, the DNVFRS has agreed, along with our two North Shore partners, to eliminate jurisdictional borders for fire and rescue responses.

This system is a model within British Columbia and across Canada and provides a much higher service level for citizens in the three participating municipalities.

City of North Vancouver partner  District of West Vancouver partner