2018 Youth Award winners announced

At a special ceremony at District Hall on May 1, Mayor and Council honoured a group of exceptional young people who are working hard to make life better for themselves, their peers, or the community, with annual Youth Awards.

Each year, we give awards in four categories: 

  • Outstanding Youth Team Award
  • Youth Recognition Award
  • Outstanding Youth-friendly Business/Supporter of Youth Award
  • Youth Community Enhancement Award

2018 award recipients

Here are the recipients of 2018 Youth Awards, presented by Mayor Walton and Council. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Outstanding Youth Team Award

This award recognizes a group who have completed a minimum of 50 hours per person of community or school service to enhance programs or services in their school or community. 

Team: Vancouver Coastal Health Congregate Meals Program at Parkgate Community Centre

  • Sentinel Secondary — Annudesh Liyanage
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas — Bella Haaf, Celine Liu 
  • Windsor Secondary — Braelyn Gandossi
  • Other — Caitlin Lowe, Khatidja Malick, Stephanie Lowe

Youth Recognition Award

This award recognizes young people who have made great personal strides, overcome personal or societal barriers, or demonstrated great skill in music, academics, art or sports. 

  • Argyle Secondary School — Cameron Joyce, Ella Haysom, Joe Delahaye, Kerryanne Calllahan, Nathan Lirenman, Sarah Huxley, Will Palmer, Zoie Phillips 
  • Mountainside Secondary — Adelle Mintoft-Graystone, Angeline Segato, Emily Nahanne-O'Donaghey, Hayden Dobie, Lucy Watson Weston, Stanfield Zafir Kassam
  • Seycove Secondary —  Aidan Harding
  • Windsor Secondary — Molly Trinkl, Sydney Treasure, Tania Ajikan
  • Capilano University —  Madi McWilliam

Outstanding Youth Friendly Business/Supporter of Youth Award

This award recognizes a person or business that did an exceptional job in hiring or training youth, providing opportunities to youth, or providing funding, support, or services to young people. 

  • Derek Palmer and Maplewood Farms
  • Tine Moberg-Parker
  • Terry Bulych

Youth Community Enhancement Award

This award recognizes young volunteers who have made positive contributions to the community by providing at least 75 hours of service on a committee, or by working with a local organization or group. 

  • Argyle Secondary — Caden Dignard-Campbell,  Hannah Greenfield, Johannes Jurenka- Ruehle
  • Handsworth Secondary — Avin Alimohammadi
  • Sutherland Secondary — Jordanne Burgess
  • Windsor Secondary — Nick Martel
  • Other — Daniel Shaw

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