Affordable housing on DNV-owned lands: open house

We are working to build a healthy community with a diverse selection of housing that fits the needs of residents of all ages, incomes, abilities, and household sizes.

To help meet current needs, we're looking at the potential for adding new affordable housing on a pair of District-owned sites in the future. The properties are located at 900 St. Denis Avenue and the southeast corner of Mountain Highway and Hunter Street.

In-person open house

On May 4, 2022, we are hosting an in-person open house for members of the public to learn about the sites, explore draft scenarios, share ideas, ask questions and provide feedback.

  • 3pm - 8pm (in-person only, drop-in at any point during the open house), at the Seymour Room in the Holiday Inn, 700 Old Lillooet Rd, North Vancouver

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Affordable housing on District-owned lands