Beautification funding from BC Hydro announced

overhead wires along Keith Road bridge
Overhead power lines along Keith Road will be moved underground

We have been awarded up to $317,000 from BC Hydro to ‘underground’ power lines at the location of the new Keith Road Bridge, now under construction.

Benefits of removing the overhead power lines

As part of the new bridge design, the overhead BC Hydro lines will be placed underneath the bridge deck. Removing the overhead lines not only beautifies the bridge crossing, it will significantly improve views into Seylynn and Bridgman parks.

Undergrounding these lines also increases reliability of the lines and reduces this area’s susceptibility to power outages caused by damage from windstorms and other hazards.

About BC Hydro's Beautification Fund

The funding is from BC Hydro’s Beautification Fund, which provides financial assistance to municipal governments for conversion of overhead to underground power lines, and for decorative wraps on existing service kiosks.

BC Hydro co-funds beautification projects to help municipal governments achieve their objectives related to environmental concerns and visual aesthetics.

“The BC Hydro grant is significant and greatly reduces our costs associated with relocating these power lines,” said Tyler Thompson, North Vancouver District Project Engineer. “Not only will this work greatly improve the natural beauty of the area, it also helps with service reliability for our residents by protecting the power lines from damage.”

Working with municipalities to help reduce power outages

“We have a vast and complex electrical system in B.C. which includes more than 77,000 kilometres of transmission and distribution lines. Even with such a vast system, electricity supply is very reliable,” said Cam Matheson, Vice President, Transmission and Distribution Asset Investment.

“However, we know that trees can cause power outages by falling on power lines during windstorms. That’s one of the reasons we work with municipalities, where possible, to help cover the cost of moving lines underground.” 

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