Christmas tree recycling in the District

You have two options for disposing of your old Christmas tree once the holidays are over.

Set it out with your other organic materials

You can include your Christmas tree in your curbside pickup. To dispose of it curbside, please cut it into small pieces and place the pieces inside your organics cart.

Learn more about setting out materials in your organics cart

Take it to a tree chipping event

The fastest and easiest way to recycle your Christmas tree is to take it to one of the many tree chipping fund raisers being held across the North Shore in the early days of January, 2016.

 For a small donation, you can drop off your tree, and it will be chipped into beneficial mulch. Your donation will help support worthy causes across the District.

Get details of a local charity chip-up event

Get a list of tree chipping events from the Recycling Council of BC

Do you have old lights you want to dispose of?

Strands of old Christmas lights can be recycled for free at any LightRecycle drop off location.

Find a LightRecycle location near you