DNV Cycles: Building a complete and connected cycling network

We're working to provide a safe and efficient cycling network for people of all ages and abilities across the District.

By reducing the number of trips made by car, we can mitigate the impacts of climate change caused by carbon emissions, help lessen traffic congestion, and nurture healthier, safer communities.

Learn how we're enhancing opportunities to cycle in the District now, while building a complete and connected cycling network.

Building a complete and connected cycling network

Our existing network of bike routes offers a number of opportunities for bike riding around the District, and, combined with networks in the City of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver, allows cyclists to travel more easily across the North Shore.

Find out where we are now, our cycling vision, and what's guiding our work

Share your thoughts on bike lanes in the District

We want to know more about how you move around the District now, how you would like to in the future, the types of bike lanes you prefer, and how we can make cycling feel safer.

Share your thoughts by taking our 5 - 10 minute online survey. 

Thank you for your interest. Our survey closed on October 4, 2020.