E-bike share pilot program

At the February 22 regular meeting, District council voted unanimously to pilot a two-year e-bike share program. This program supports the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP) and our Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), which  recommends implementing bike share as one measure to help reduce energy emissions.

What is e-bike share?

E-bike share is a short-term rental program for electric bikes. Members sign up to rent an e-bike from a fleet available at a variety of public locations. Users can pick a bike up at one location and drop it off at another designated location.

E-bike share systems provide a cost-effective, environmentally-sensitive transportation option. Similar non-electric bike share systems are in place in the City of Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia. Once in place, the North Shore e-bike share system will be the first of its kind in BC.

What's the difference between e-bikes and regular bikes? E-bikes have integrated electric motors, making it easier to ride up hills.

How will the pilot program work?

One company will be granted a permit to operate an e-bike share system as a two-year pilot program in North Vancouver. During this period, we will assess the program’s success based on how well it meets the goals outlined in the E-Bike Share Policy. We will review user data and public feedback and regularly report on the pilot’s status to Council.

What happens next?

We will be joining the City of North Vancouver in receiving and evaluating applications from prospective bike share companies. The two municipalities anticipate jointly issuing a permit in spring 2021, which would allow e-bike share to launch in summer 2021.