Independent review of pigeon prohibition bylaw

The District of North Vancouver has retained David Loukidelis QC to conduct a review of the events and processes leading to the adoption of Bylaw 8402, known as the “Pigeon Prohibition Bylaw”.

The findings of the review and any recommendations arising from it will be documented and made public.

About the independent review

Mr. Loukidelis will review:

  1. The actions of Council as a whole, and of individual Councillors, in relation to the proposing and adoption of Bylaw 8402
  2. The policies and processes in place for how Council members propose bylaws and amendments, in general
  3. Awareness on the part of Council members, and the training and supports available to promote understanding, of conflict of interest and ethical obligations

About Mr. Loukidelis

Mr. Loukidelis​ has a long career practicing municipal law in B.C.

He has served as the Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Justice of British Columbia, the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, the Registrar of Lobbyist of British Columbia, the Commissioner Ad Hoc for the Offices of the Privacy and Information Commissioners of Canada and the Chair of the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta.

Mr. Loukidelis has degrees from the Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh and Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in British Columbia in 2010. 


It is expected that the review will take two months to complete.