Proposed regulation changes for retaining walls and accessory buildings

We are proposing changes to the way retaining walls and accessory buildings and structures are regulated and want your input at a public hearing on January 26 at 7pm.

Proposed changes for retaining walls would lower the maximum allowable height for a first retaining wall, within a required setback, from four feet to three feet and lower any subsequent retaining walls to a maximum height of eight feet. Currently, there is no maximum for secondary retaining walls. The height plane retaining walls must be contained within would also be lowered from 45 degrees to 35 degrees.

For accessory buildings, the proposed changes would maintain that accessory structures, including garages, are to be measured from the floor level to the building's highest point or structure. The structure’s floor level would be no more than four feet above the natural grade at any point. Currently, there is no maximum.

Learn more about these proposed changes  

You can find more details about the proposed changes in the November 23, 2020, Report to Council titled Standards and Regulations in Single Family Zones. 

After the public hearing, the bylaws will return to a subsequent regular meeting of council for consideration of second and third readings.

Providing input at the January 26 public hearing

Virtual speakers 

If you would like to provide input, you may sign up in advance to speak virtually at the hearing by contacting the Municipal Clerk at before noon on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

Written submissions 

You may also provide a written submission at any time before the close of the hearing by sending it to the Municipal Clerk at or by mail to Municipal Clerk, 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC, V7N 4N5.

Note: After the speakers’ list has been exhausted, there will be an opportunity for additional speakers to make submissions by telephone. Dial-in information will be provided at the meeting over the internet to those viewing the live stream.

Watching public hearings 

You can watch the  live video feed on the District website.