Spirit Trail bridge over Lynn Creek opens

The new Spirit Trail crossing over Lynn Creek is now open.

The four-metre-wide, multi-use bridge completes a key connection in the Spirit Trail between Lynn Creek Town Centre and Park & Tilford.

The bridge will also connect the newly created section of the trail that runs through Seylynn Park with the section under construction along the north side of Highway 1.

The bridge spans 52 metres across Lynn Creek and was built with a type of steel known as “weathering steel,” which has a rust-like appearance and will never need to be repainted during its lifespan.

This material was selected because of its durability, low maintenance costs and environmental benefits.

When completed, the Spirit Trail will provide a 45-kilometre multi-use trail stretching across the North Shore from Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay and then on to Bowen Island’s Tunstall Bay.

The District and TransLink jointly funded this bridge project.

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