Supportive housing for women and families proposed for District of North Vancouver 

The District is taking an important step toward providing supportive housing in our community for women and women-led families who need a safe and secure place to live.

Today, we are announcing a partnership with BC Housing to pursue the development of a permanent supportive housing project on a District-owned site at Lloyd Avenue and West 16th.

If approved, the proposal is to construct a five-storey building that would provide approximately 60 new homes with support for women and families at risk of homelessness. 

Poverty and homelessness are real but often invisible issues on the North Shore. This project aligns with our community-generated Official Community Plan’s key goal of providing more diverse and affordable housing choices to maintain a healthy, diverse and vibrant community. 

District staff are leading the rezoning process for the proposed project, and BC Housing would provide funding to build the housing. BC Housing has selected RainCity Housing to operate the building if the project is approved, with staff on-site 24/7 to provide supports such as meal programs, life and employment skills training, and health and wellness support services. 

We selected this property for supportive housing because it offers easy access to existing health services, counselling, public transportation, and schools, which is essential for people working towards a healthy, stable life.

In the upcoming months, we will connect with local businesses, members of the community and others as this project proposal progresses to ensure your feedback is heard throughout this process. There will also be a public hearing at which members of the public will have the opportunity to share their views about the project before Council makes a final decision.

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