Temporary traffic control measures in the Upper Capilano area under review

In August 2015, Metro Vancouver implemented temporary traffic control measures in the Upper Capilano neighbourhood to help relieve daily traffic congestion, promote safety, and facilitate efficient flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the construction of the Capilano Water Main Project.

With the work on Capilano Road coming to a end north of Mt. Crown to Prospect Ave, impacts to traffic on this portion of Capilano Road will cease, and traffic volumes will begin to return to normal.

These locations will be reviewed once traffic has stabilized

For now, the existing traffic control will remain in place at all intersections.

However, once traffic volumes have stabilized in the local neighbourhoods, we will review these temporary traffic control measures installed by Metro Vancouver at the following intersections;

  • Capilano / Montroyal – 3 way stop
  • Montroyal / Highland – 3 way stop
  • Edgemont / Sunset – 4 way stop
  • Highland  / Ridgewood – Traffic Signal  

The purpose of our review

At each location, pedestrian safety will be reviewed as well as the efficient flow of vehicular traffic. 

The review will determine if any modifications are needed at these intersections to ensure the best overall traffic control measures are in place.  

We will continue to work with the Community Monitoring and Advisory Committee (CMAC) to provide the community with the most appropriate traffic control measures at these intersections.