We’re prepared for snow season 

The District’s Snow Command team is hard at work long before the first snowflake hits the ground.

When snow falls or icy conditions are forecast, our crews maintain main roads, bus routes and stops, residential streets, sidewalks, bike routes, multi-use pathways, school zones and other District facilities so residents can get to where they need to go safely.

“It’s the third year in a row that our weather is influenced by La Niña. We are expecting and ready for a lot of snow this season,” says Shaun Carroll, manager, engineering operations. 

The District has a large fleet ready to tackle snow and ice before, during and after a storm or freeze.

This includes:

  • 6 three-ton trucks
  • 3 five-ton trucks
  • 4 tandem trucks
  • 6 backhoes
  • 3 ride-on blowers
  • 2 compact tractors 
  • 1 bobcat

In addition, we have an ample salt supply for the forecasted season located at the operations centre and remote strategic locations across the District. Recently, we added a new fully automated brine machine that can pump out 10,000 litres per hour.  

Meet our crew

Depending on the storm severity, Streets has approximately 40 crew members on deck to work 12-hour shifts 24/7 until the roads are clear.  

At the same time, up to 20 Parks staff can be out hand-salting and using various snow-clearing equipment to clear and salt school zones and drop-off areas, bike lanes and multi-use pathways, main sidewalks, and frontages and pathways throughout DNV parks. 

Learn how we prioritize snow removal in the District 

Parks crew members salt a snowy sidewalk.

By the numbers

Last year, our Snow Command team kept busy during the snow and ice season, which lasted from approximately mid-November to early April.

Here's a look at some 2021/22 snow stats for the District. 

Event Total
Days of snowfall                                                                                20 
Days with temperatures at or below 0 C                                                   66
Days with road/surface temperatures below 0 40
Days with severe icing recorded                         10
Days of putting out salt                                                  47
Centimetres of snow at Lynn Valley base 153
Salt used (streets only, metric tons)                                                     3,890
Litres of brine used 110,500
Crew hours for streets roadways                                                    6,030
Snow plow trucks used  11
Bus stops requiring clearing & salting                                             430

A white snowplow removes snow on a tree-lined street.