Capilano Highlands fountain and sculpture restoration

Starting April 2024, we’re restoring the fountain and sculpture in the traffic island at the corner of Capilano Road and Ridgewood Drive, and renovating the landscaping.

Marking the entrance to the Upper Capilano and Edgemont neighbourhoods, the fountain is a landmark seen by residents travelling along Ridgewood Drive and Capilano Road.

About the project

To accommodate this work, the sculpture will be temporarily removed from the site to undergo restoration including repairing dents and sections that have become bent over time.

Keeping the patina – the finishing on the sculpture that is a result of natural oxidation process common in some materials when they are exposed to air and water – is a significant part of this restorative work.

While you may notice the sculpture is missing while this restorative work is underway, it will be carefully returned to its original home once work is complete.  


Restoring the sculpture will take approximately 2 – 3 months. The redesign of the existing landscaping will take place in the fall 2024, with anticipated project completion estimated in early 2025.  


When the District made the decision to landscape the triangular plaza at the corner of Capilano Road and Ridgewood Drive to mark the entry to Capilano-Highlands, sculptor George Norris was chosen to provide a welded metal sculpture set in a small pond. The sculpture was installed in 1971.

A former teacher of sculpture at the Vancouver School of Art, George Norris was best known for his iconic 'Crab Fountain' sculpture at the Vancouver Museum.