Construction on new turf field in Inter River Park begins August 27

We are building a new full-size artificial turf field (ATF) in Inter River Park that will meet tournament standards, and increase the sports field availability in the park.

This new ATF will replace the existing grass field, which is unfit for scheduled play due to an uneven surface and associated drainage problems.

About the construction process

Because the site was the location of a municipal land fill (active from 1956 to 1988), and is prone to uneven settling, the area must be preloaded with sand for a period of up to two years.

This process compresses the fill and prepares the site for construction of the artificial turf field.

Starting on August 27, preparation of the existing field to accept the preload material will begin, including:

  • removal of the existing grass and topsoil
  • installation of retaining walls to hold the sand
  • installation of environmental protection measures.

This work should take approximately ten weeks to complete.

Ensuring public safety

For the protection and safety of all park visitors, the construction area will be fenced and gated for the duration of the preload phase (up to two years). Pedestrian access around the preload area will be maintained.

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