Fall feeding frenzy brings increased bear activity

It’s the fall hyperphagia stage for bears, which means they’re bulking up for winter.

So, expect increased activity as bears search for extra calories to gain weight. Properly managing organic waste, garbage, and other attractants on your property is the best way to prevent bears from becoming reliant on human food sources and risk being destroyed.

Tips to help stop attracting bears to your neighbourhood include:

  • Freeze smelly food scraps before adding them to your green cart organics cart
  •  Layer food scraps with yard trimmings
  • Rinse carts to help prevent odour build-up
  • Manage attractants on your property, like bird feeders
  • Pick almost-ripe fruit from any fruit trees on your property
  • Keep carts in a secure location such as a garage or shed, and only place carts outside between 5:30am - 7:30am on collection day

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