Holiday collection schedule 

Your garbage and organics collection day will change over the holidays. Keep up to date on your pickup day with the DNVCollect app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or by visiting our collection schedule webpage.

Cold-weather collection

With snow and icy temperatures in the forecast, here are some tips for managing your garbage and organics: 

  • Carts should only be set out on the morning of collection day, not the night before, including during snow events  
  • During snow, when possible, please retrieve your carts after collection, so they do not interfere with snow and ice clearing
  • Organics can freeze during low temperatures. Stir your cart with a broom handle or shovel to prevent it from sticking to the inside of your cart

Keep track of winter weather events and collection notices on the DNVCollect app.

Recycling light strings

Did you discover some bunt-out string lights when decorating this year? You can recycle them for free at participating drop-off locations. For more information, visit the Light Recycle website.