Important information about the B-Line for Norgate residents

Do you live in the Norgate area? Wondering what the new B-Line along Marine Drive will mean for access to your neighbourhood? Here's what's happening:

To accommodate the new B-Line, we are extending the bus lane that runs west along Marine Drive starting at Garden Avenue. Once work is completed, the lane will begin four blocks sooner, at Phillip Avenue.

To allow for this change, the left hand turn bays along Marine Drive between MacGowan Ave and Garden Avenue will be removed.

Access to the Norgate area is being maintained

To ensure that access to the Norgate area is not impacted by these changes, no left-hand turns are being eliminated. We are increasing the size of the left turn bay at Phillip Avenue, and will also allow left turns from the shared left through lane at all intersections.

These changes will be made without any significant construction (curbs will remain in the same locations, for instance), and once completed, we will monitor to ensure traffic is moving smoothly. 

Map showing route for new B-Line through Norgate

Learn more about the B-Line

You can find more information about the new B-Line, including complete plans for the route and individual stops, on TransLink's website.

Visit TransLinks' B-Line web page