Keeping organics out of the garbage stream

Did you know that 36% of household waste found in the garbage stream is organic material that could have been composted?

When food scraps and other compostable materials are sent to landfills instead, they create harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Please help us to keep organic waste where it belongs. Use your organics cart for all food scraps and yard waste.

Handling food scraps

It is important to properly handle your food scraps before putting them into your organics cart so they do not attract bears and other animals. 

Here are some tips:

  • Wrap your food scraps: Use old newspapers — which are permitted in your organics cart — to wrap your kitchen scraps before you place them in your cart
  • Freeze your food scraps: Freeze food scraps such as meat, bones, and skin, and add them to your green cart on the morning of your collection.
  • Layer your organics: Place your food scraps between layers of garden and yard waste in your organics cart to help minimize odours
  • Keep your organics cart clean: Rinse out the inside of your organics cart occasionally to help prevent food smells from building up

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