Lacrosse box replacement in Inter River Park

In early spring 2019, we are upgrading the aging lacrosse box at Inter River Park, as drainage is poor and the site is subject to damage if left unrepaired.

The lacrosse box will be replaced on the same footprint, and will serve as a more flexible, multi-sport facility that will accommodate ball hockey and basketball as well as lacrosse.

This work includes demolition and full replacement, including:

  • new asphalt
  • line painting
  • concrete walkways
  • spectator apron
  • drainage improvements
  • furnishings (dasher boards, bleachers, basketball hoops, players box, penalty box, and timekeepers box).

This project is expected to start the first or second week of February, and be completed by the end of June. It should be reopened for play in July, 2019.