Local bears waking up

A black bear reaches to eat berries from a bush.

With the warmer weather, local bears are waking up from hibernation.

Properly managing organic waste, garbage, and other attractants on your property is the best way to keep bears and other wildlife from searching your neighbourhood for food.

Some tips to prevent bears from becoming reliant on human food sources and risk being destroyed include:

  • Freezing smelly food scraps before adding them to your green cart
  • Layering food scraps with yard trimmings
  • Rinsing carts to help prevent odour build-up
  • Managing attractants on your property, like bird feeders

Please remember that our cart locks are designed to prevent bears from accessing waste or food but they are not bear-proof, so carts must be properly managed. If possible, keep carts in a secure location such as a garage or shed, and place carts outside between 5:30am - 7:30am on collection day.

Solid Waste Bylaw

In response to bear activity in our community, the District made changes to its Solid Waste Bylaw in 2020 to help further minimize attractants for local wildlife, especially bears.

Carts set out at the curb before 5:30 am – including the night before – are now subject to a $100 fine for the first offence and $500 for repeat offences.

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