Possible delays with recycling pick-up

Smithrite Disposal Ltd, the company we contract to pick up recycling across the District, is experiencing unanticipated operational issues. As a result, there may be sporadic delays in picking up your recycling over the next several weeks.

What to do if your recycling is missed

If you put your recycling out for pick-up on your collection day and it is not picked up, please bring it back inside that evening, and then return it to the curb the following morning (between 5:30am and 7:30am).

If, after returning it to the curb, it is not picked up again that day, please bring it back inside, and wait until your next scheduled pick-up day to put it back outside.

Who to contact for help

If you want to report a missed pick-up, or you have questions or concerns about your recycling collection, please contact Smithrite directly.


You can also complete the contact form on their website