Single-family home construction in your neighbourhood

A single-family home with construction in frontEach year, about 140 of the District's 20,000 houses are rebuilt — and many more undergo significant renovations — as our housing stock ages.

We use a number of measures to guide this renewal, including:

Gathering feedback to protect the livability of our neighbourhoods

To help us continue protecting the livability of our neighourhoods as the rate of renewal increases, we asked for your input. We conducted a survey to gather feedback on issues related to single-family home construction and renovation.

Our focus was primarily Upper Capilano, but welcomed input from across the District. 

What we heard

We received over 180 responses with comments ranging from praise for the revitalization of older homes to concerns about construction noise and debris. 

Common concerns include: 

  • issues related to new house sizes (including setbacks, height, building footprint)
  • loss of trees and vegetation (loss of mature plants and trees, and gardens)
  • transportation concerns (increased traffic, road closures/delays, and construction parking)
  • garbage, and construction debris
  • construction noise
  • changes to neighbourhood character (the loss of older homes)

Survey results were discussed at the June 21 Council workshop.

Review the report to Council (includes survey results)

Watch clips of the June 21 Council workshop