Staircase replacement at Lynn Canyon Park

We’re improving trail infrastructure at Lynn Canyon Park to provide a safer, more comfortable experience for parkgoers.

After three decades of use, the popular and well-trodden wooden staircase that provides access to 30-foot pool – a favourite destination for locals and visitors – is in poor condition and needs to be replaced.

To help preserve the landmark structure’s connection to the park’s history for future generations, we plan to replicate the existing staircase.

The new timber staircase will include landings, handrails, retaining walls, and more.

The project will take place in two phases, during which time trail detours will be in place:

  • Phase 1: starting in February 2024 with hazard tree removals and part of construction
  • Phase 2: beginning in September through December 2024 to complete construction

The 30-foot pool staircase will be closed during the two phases of this work but reopened in June to accommodate the busy summer season.

The project’s estimated completion date is the end of 2024.

This project aligns with our goals to manage existing park assets and key infrastructure that drive the success of a dynamic and vital park system and enables safe and comfortable walking and hiking opportunities for pedestrians throughout the park while protecting the natural environment.

Map of construction area

Map of the construction zone at Lynn Canyon Park during the replacement project for the staircase at 30-foot pool.