Temporary changes to collection of some Recycle BC materials

The unprecedented flooding in Abbotsford and Chilliwack has impacted Recycle BC’s operations due to disruptions in the transportation network. As a result, there will be a temporary change to the collection of some materials.

Starting Monday, November 22, Recycle BC is suspending the collection of:

  • all glass bottles and jars from curbside and multi-family collection
  • non-deposit glass bottles and jars and foam packaging (white and coloured) from Recycle BC depots

Please do not take these materials to a depot or set out for curbside or multi-family collection. If possible, hold on to your glass and foam packaging and set out or drop off later, once collection of these materials resumes.

Read the Recycle BC blogpost about the temporary material collection suspension.

Contact Recycle BC

info@recyclebc.ca or 778.588.9504