Traffic pattern changes: Capilano Rd and Marine Dr

Starting Monday, November 1, expect traffic impacts on Capilano Road and Marine Drive for a water systems upgrade. This includes a closure of the Marine Drive bus lane from 9:00am to 6:00pm until mid-November.

What to expect during construction:

  • Temporary closure of the westbound bus lane on Marine Dr (outside of morning rush-hour)
  • Temporary closure of DNV boulevard south of 1633 Capilano Rd and 2030 Marine Dr
  • Temporary relocation of a nearby bus stop #61563 (pedestrian access to be provided)
  • Temporary closure of one of two southbound right-hand turn lanes on Capilano Rd, primarily during off peak hours
  • Temporary closure of westbound vehicle lane on Marine Dr during storm service work (approximated at 2-3 days)