Update on Lions Manor fire in Deep Cove

Evacuee Recovery Meeting

Date and time — Wednesday, July 25, 3pm
Location —  Parkage Community Centre

An Evacuee Recovery Meeting for those directly impacted by the Lions Manor fire and their families has been scheduled for 3:00pm today at Parkgate Community Centre.

The meeting will include: 

  • an update from District of North Vancouver Fire Services
  • information on emergency relief services and community resources
  • insurance contacts
  • light refreshments

Parkgate will provide wrist bands to any Lions Manor resident who needs access to a shower, laundry service, or refreshments this afternoon.


Parkgate Community Services Society has set up an account if you wish to make a financial donation. Learn more and donate on their website.

Offers of physical goods

A Lions Manor Community Support Hub for the evacuees will be set up in the coming days at Parkgate Community Centre. While donation offers are appreciated, no physical donations are being accepted at this time.

Offers of accomodations

If you have accommodation offers, please send details and contact information to deepcovefire@dnv.org or call 604-990-2444. These offers will be posted for evacuees who are interested in connecting.