Upper MacKay Creek enhancements

Starting August 13, 2018, District crews will be restoring portions of the eroded banks along Upper MacKay Creek.

Over time, the creek banks have eroded and become unstable; remediation work is now required. This work will not only repair damage to the banks of the creek, but also reduce the risk of future flooding, and improve local fish habitat.

Impacts to residents and trail users

While we are making every effort to minimize the inconvenience of this work on nearby residents, local trail closures, parking restrictions, and some vegetation (plants and shrubs) removal are necessary.

Protecting the sensitive environment

If you live nearby, you may also experience some noise related to this work.

To protect this sensitive environment, we must run a pump to divert creek flow around the construction site twenty-four hours a day for the duration of this project. Diverting the creek even at night is crucial to protecting fish populations and other aquatic species from construction effects. However, pumping operations will increase noise in the area.

Expected completion is late September

We expect to have this project completed in September (weather permitting). Once work is complete, the impacted areas will be replanted.