Waste collection for zone 2

Due to the poor air quality conditions, our crews were unable to complete organics collection for all households in zone 2 today.

Unfortunately, our staff became unwell operating outside in the poor air quality and we made the decision to modify the collection schedule. We are taking the necessary safety precautions for staff given that strenuous work outdoors is not recommended by Health Canada at this time.

We understand the last-minute changes caused some inconvenience, and we apologize for this.

Set carts out on your next collection day

We are unable to collect garbage the following day after a missed collection, as we operate on a five-day schedule which doesn’t allow us to.

Poor air quality is expected to continue throughout the week and anticipate collection to be a challenge until the weather improves.

We appreciate your patience as we do our best to protect the health and safety of staff and continue collection on a modified schedule while the air quality advisory remains in effect.

Prevent bears and other local wildlife from searching for food

Please bring uncollected waste inside to avoid attracting bears and other wildlife and place carts into garages/carports to secure waste until the next collection day.


We will be posting updates on the District website, social media, and DNVCollect app as weather conditions change throughout the week.