Due to unforeseen circumstances, the public hearing for this development proposal, originally scheduled for July 10, 2018, must be rescheduled. We will advise you of the new date for the hearing as soon as it's available.

[3:20 pm] There is a major structure fire in Deep Cove. Deep Cove Rd is currently closed, and there is no access to the village. If you are in the area, please shut doors and windows and remain indoors, as air quality is poor.

[12:45pm] Find out about this afternoon's recovery meeting for evacuees, and learn what to do if you wish to help those impacted by the fire.

To keep the streets of Deep Cove safe and enjoyable for everyone in the summer — and protect the surrounding trail ecosystem — we now regulate car and tour bus traffic in the village, as well as access to Quarry Rock.

Starting August 13, 2018, District crews will be restoring portions of the eroded banks along Upper MacKay Creek.

For the protection and safety of all park visitors, the construction area will be fenced and gated for the duration, while pedestrian access will be maintained.

Effective immediately, all fires in District parks and trails are banned, including BBQs of any kind. Learn how you can keep yourself, your family, and our community healthy and safe during prolonged hot and dry weather.

As part of their Highway 1 - Lower Lynn improvements project, the province is set to begin construction of two new Lynn Creek bridges, adjacent to the existing Highway 1 Lynn Creek bridge.

Share your thoughts on the report with Council at their regular meeting, June 25, 2018 at 7pm.

All customer service counters are now open regular business hours (M-F; 8am to 4:30pm).