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Park Dedication Removal Bylaw 8381, 2019 (Portion of Lynn Canyon Park)

Notice is hereby given that the District of North Vancouver intends to adopt Park Dedication Removal Bylaw 8381, 2019.

Map showing location of Lynn Park where land is being removed for Hwy 1
Graphic for illustrative purposes only. The official survey map showing the location of the land is appended to the bylaw

This bylaw proposes to remove the dedication for park and recreation purposes, as set out in Bylaw 6338 "Lynn Canyon Park Dedication Bylaw", of a 34,848 sq. ft. (3,237 m2) portion of Lynn Canyon Park as shown in the plans attached to the bylaw.

The portions of land removed from Lynn Canyon Park will be used to facilitate the alignment and construction of the new north connector distributor lane, the new Highway 1 bridge and the off-ramp at Mountain Highway as part of Phases 2 and 4 of the Lower Lynn Interchange Project.

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