Board of Variance

The Board of Variance considers minor variances in siting, dimensions, or size requirements (side yard, back, front, height and area coverage) where compliance with the District of North Vancouver Zoning Bylaw would cause hardship.

The board cannot vary the permitted uses, densities, or parking under the Zoning Bylaw, nor does it to deal with major variance applications. Major variances require a Development Variance Permit application.

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Current board members

The Board of Variance is a five member, Council appointed appeal board. It holds monthly meetings to hear appeals and make decisions.

Current members

  • Guy Akester
  • James Paul
  • Joe Rommel
  • Lee Gavel
  • vacant

Board meeting minutes, agendas, and results

2018 Meetings

Date Notice Agenda Results Minutes
January 18 Notice Agenda Results Minutes
February 15 Notice Agenda Results Minutes
March 15 Notice Agenda Results Minutes
April 19 Cancelled - no applications      
May 17 Cancelled - no applications      
June 21 Notice Agenda Results Minutes
July 19 Notice Agenda Results Minutes
August - No Scheduled Meeting 
September 20 Cancelled - no applications      
October 18 Notice Agenda Results  
November 15 Notice Agenda Results  
December - No Scheduled Meeting

Previous years' meetings

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