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When you vote in the 2018 General Local Election, you will be asked to vote for up to one mayor, up to six councillors, and up to four school trustees. Here are the candidates running for those positions.

Information provided for each candidate includes their nomination papers (required), a 250-word statement written by the candidate (optional), and their key contact details.

Candidates are listed here in alphabetical order. On the ballot, they will be listed in an order determined by a random selection process.

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Under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act, candidates must file a financial disclosure statement. Those statements will be available on the Elections BC website beginning the week of October 22.

Candidates for Mayor

Amlani, Ash

Building Bridges Electors Society

104-1575 Pemberton Ave,

Ash Amlani candidate for mayorNorth Vancouver is my home. I have lived, worked and volunteered in this incredible community.

I currently serve on the DNV’s Community Services Advisory Committee and actively volunteer with the Ismaili community. I have a Master of Public Health from the University of Washington and a BSc from UBC.

As Chair for the BC Take Home Naloxone (THN) Advisory Board, I led the rapid expansion of the BC Centre for Disease Control’s THN program to save lives in response to the opioid overdose epidemic.

As an advisor to the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, I worked closely with Indigenous leaders, NGOs and industries to ensure that decisions were in the best public interest. My work supported the development of the $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan.


The struggles surrounding traffic congestion and housing affordability are felt across the District. We won’t solve our current issues by voting for more career politicians.

That is why I founded Building Bridges - a team of talented professionals committed to serving our community with a common vision for a brighter tomorrow.

My lifelong community service and career have been committed to building healthy, thriving communities where people can reach their full potential.I’ve continuously delivered meaningful change translating novel ideas into sound public policy. My collaborative leadership style and problem-solving skills would be an asset as Mayor of the District of North Vancouver.

On October 20th, I hope you’ll support me and the Building Bridges Team.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Barzilay, Erez

Strathcona Rd., Deep Cove, V7G 1G7​

Erez Barzilay candidate for mayorErez offers a fresh perspective on our most urgent issues.

For the past fifteen years Erez and his wife, a Social Worker and active Community Educational Consultant on the North Shore, have lived in Deep Cove raising three incredible young daughters.

Being an award-winning documentary video-journalist, Erez has over two decades of experience raising public awareness to key humanitarian issues around the globe, as well as through his interactive media projects and social innovation entrepreneurship.

Throughout the past few years he has volunteered with the North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO), along with business and community-based initiatives.

Preserving a healthy environment and protecting the natural beauty of the North Shore is the integral base to our future growth process.

Personal safely and wellbeing cannot be compromised with re/development.

Enhanced updated infrastructure and community service development needs to keep pace with housing development.

Developers will gain more by joining us all in making the north shore more affordable.

Immediate expansion of public transportation options will cost us much less than keeping the gridlock. 

Transparent, accountable local government needs to liaise with community, businesses, and governments on every level, to encourage comprehensive, research-based proven solutions to our current issues.

With diligent research and a fresh perspective, we can learn from the successes and failures of other communities that have faced similar housing affordability crises.

Let's do it!

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Little, Mike

4040 Mt Seymour Pkwy,

Mayoral candidate Mike LittleAs a lifelong District resident and former 3 term elected Councillor, Mike has a long history as a volunteer and leader.  Mike started volunteering with the Rotary Club in the 90’s and has since taken up leadership positions in over 15 community boards, including the NV Rec Commission, the NV Museum and Archives, and the NV Heritage Commission where as Chair he helped preserve Mollie Nye House for public use and established an inventory of our historical buildings.

Mike served for 7 years on our Advisory Committee on Disabilities Issues, a Tri-Municipal board that advises on how to remove barriers to persons with disabilities in our community, and he is still committed to those ideals today.

Over the years he has served on several significant regional boards including Metro Vancouver Parks and Environment Committee, Port Cities Committee, and Greater Vancouver Labour Relations Bureau which has prepared him to be a strong regional leader for the 2019 CUPE contract negotiations.

Currently, Mike serves as the Chair of the NV District Public Library, advocating for unfettered community access to high quality public resources. As Mayor, Mike is committed to making the District the most accessible, transparent, and customer service oriented municipality in BC.

Kellyanne and Mike Little are raising their four children in the Parkgate neighborhood.

“We are Building too much, too fast.  We need to let infrastructure catch up with growth and make sure that the housing we are building is really the housing that we need.” --Mike Little 

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Maskell, Dennis

Lynn Valley, DNV, V7J 3K5

Dennis Maskell mayor candidateMy name is Dennis Maskell, I offer myself as a viable candidate for the position of Mayor for the The District of North Vancouver. I offer significant experience with all three levels of government. My experience, knowledge and leadership qualities will move the "District" in a positive direction for the next 4 years. We are facing unprecedented change, this is significantly impacting people movement, traffic flow and densification.  All of these are affecting and will continue to affect our quality of life. We need to ensure there is very strong traffic planning WITH TIMELY IMPLEMENTATION.

Where we live and how we get to work are being strained.

Safety Services are now having to take longer to help save lives and provide essential services. Traffic planning / implementation cannot be just words.

We need a new SkyTrain and road access to Vancouver with effective integration to the lower mainland transportation modes. While the DNV is densifying, we need to look at the housing requirements for all of our citizens and how we are impacting the traffic flow around and to our densification.

Densification cannot be done at the expense of traffic flow, speed of safety services and all supportive services.  Any amalgamation thoughts will have to be prefaced by a referendum of the “District” and the “City” and if favourable, coordination with the Province of British Columbia.

Respectfully, your vote is important and your next step to a progressive District of North Vancouver.

Dennis Maskell  for Mayor.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Webb, Glen

3670 Rutherford Crescent, Dist. North Vancouver, V7N 2C7

Glen Webb candidate for mayorGlen, with his wife and daughter, has resided in the District’s Princess Park area for 13 years. His professional career, spanning international business development, government relations, marketing-communications and non-profit management, has instilled in him a deep appreciation for the community and quality of life enjoyed on the north shore.

He shares his neighbours’ concerns regarding housing affordability, accessible transportation, and traffic gridlock. These issues, amongst others, are addressed in the District’s Official Community Plan, a living document which will provide the incoming council with a detailed blueprint and the tools needed to foster inclusive and sustainable neighbourhoods.

Among his priorities:

  • A commitment to supporting smart-growth that will serve the housing needs of the missing middle, young families wanting to get a foothold and raise their children in North Vancouver.
  • Integrated transportation planning that allows residents to travel safely and efficiently across the north shore, including rideshare options.
  • Policies that protect the District’s existing rental stock, while creating the economic conditions to provide incentive to developers and encourage the construction of family-friendly rental units.
  • Strategies to facilitate additional housing choices and options, including up-zoning, infill, co-housing, and in-law-suites.

Current and past volunteer activities

  • Port of Vancouver - North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee - District of North Vancouver representative​
  • Northshore Challenger Baseball 
  • West Vancouver Field Hockey Club
  • Agency speaker UWLM​
  • Heights Neighbourhood Association 

During his off hours, Glen enjoys spending time with his family, walking the family dog, sports photography, and engaging in good conversation with family and friend

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Candidates for Councillor

Back, Jordan

982 Hendecourt Road

Candidate for Council Jordan BackAs a life-long District resident, I’ve seen it change and evolve over the years. In many cases for the better, but I'm not sure all generations have been equally represented. My vision for our community is to preserve everything we love about it, while ensuring it remains livable for everyone. From youth, to growing families, to seniors, it's important that all voices at every life stage are heard.

Local communities are all struggling with critical issues, namely traffic and housing. Traffic congestion is the most frustrating challenge on the North Shore. It’s a complicated problem and we need to work with all levels of government to find solutions that work for our community.

Home ownership is out of reach for many. We must focus on other options, for purchase or rent, including townhomes, condominiums, secondary suites, and coach houses. Equally important, we must ensure that housing growth is manageable, and supported by transit.

My career is with advertising sales, and I enjoy an active lifestyle which includes running, cycling, and hiking our local trails. I have a deep connection to our community, and I volunteer my time to support local causes, including North Shore Rescue and North Shore Neighbourhood House.

I am excited to bring a new perspective and generation of leadership to the District. My greatest strengths are my compassion for others and my ability to bring people together. With your help, I will bring these strengths to Council. Please visit my website to learn more.

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Baker, Mitchell

Seymour/Maplewood V7H 1V4

A 49 year resident with my wife and 2 children. Since the age of 22, I have been self-employed in the construction industry, building single family, residential custom homes.  I work with multiple jurisdictions on a daily basis, affording me valuable experience with municipal bylaws and processes.

Objectives on Council

  • Explore and implement a practice of offering long term land lease opportunities to create both affordable rental/home equity options, through partnerships with non-profit housing providers and within the business community, addressing a concern with an underutilized resource.
  • Our community has been inconveniently left out of infrastructure upgrades and this must stop. We need rapid transit via the Iron Workers Memorial and or an additional transit only crossing in central North Vancouver. Yes I have read the INSTPP
  • We need to maintain a better flow of traffic during incidents.  After any medical emergency is dealt with, the remaining wreckage needs to be removed more efficiently.  Adding more cameras to the bridge would allow for incident investigations.  We should have dedicated emergency services
  • The District of North Vancouver should be a great place to work. We need to create a working environment and culture that attracts and retains the best and brightest and not using the DNV as a stepping stone to gain experience and then moving on.

In conclusion, I would be honoured to give back to this municipality.  My unique and diverse skill set will allow me to move confidently from discussion to action.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Bond, Mathew

Building Bridges Electors Society

1250 Premier Street 

Mathew Bond candidate for councilLike many of you, I chose North Vancouver as my home for our coveted North Shore lifestyle.

  • Close to every activity nature offers, not too far from the amenities of the city.
  • A strong sense of community, connection with friends and neighbours.
  • Great schools, parks and recreation facilities, the perfect place to put down roots and raise a family.

A remarkable increase in traffic congestion has many feeling that our quality of life is under threat. A doubling of home prices and a drastic increase in rents has many of our friends and neighbours struggling to find and keep suitable, affordable homes and decent, well-paying jobs.

During my first term on Council, I diligently applied my decade of experience as a systems engineer to the issues discussed and decided upon. I analyzed the issues, seeking to understand the complexities and advocate for a pragmatic path to the desired outcome based on evidence and best practice. I now have an in-depth understanding of the critical challenges facing the DNV, the strategies necessary to address them and both the experience and desire to move forward.

There are no simple answers to the complex and intertwined challenges we face. It will take a suite of actions, aligned in a common direction to bring relief and maintain our high quality of life in a growing and changing region.

I am dedicated to making a difference in our community and have the energy, enthusiasm and experience to lead us through the next four years.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Curren, Megan

Deep Cove


For 15 years, my husband & rescue dogs and I live have been working away on our little 1946 cottage in Deep Cove.

I own and operate Room6, a small business in Deep Cove focusing on local design and sustainable goods. My business is working to eliminate plastic and I'm running a plastic-free campaign.

Professionally, I've worked as the Director of Media Services for Burton Snowboards in Vermont and in Communications and web design in Boston. I graduated from University of Wisconsin - Madison in Journalism and this education provides a solid foundation for research and getting to the truth.

I'm passionate about protecting people and planet. Working alongside Ocean Ambassadors Canada and fellow merchants, Deep Cove became the first municipality in the Lower Mainland to eliminate plastic straws. This is a first step in our mission to Zero Waste.

I believe we're not managing development responsibly, prioritizing the right type of housing, standing up for our existing community or doing enough to protect our environment.

I’m running for District of North Vancouver Council to challenge the existing power structure and to help shape policy that’s truly innovative.

I reject backdoor deals, environmental destruction and abuse of power.

Big changes start small, and I believe in the power of our community to come together to tackle the challenges facing our municipality … and our planet.

Please to learn more about what's important to me - and to share what's important to you.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Dupasquier, Phil

891 Old Lillooet Road 

Phil Dupasquier council candidateA vote for Phil is a vote for reasoned progress within the District of North Vancouver.

I have lived here my entire life; I went to school here, started a small business here, and I raised my family here.  I have sat on the Board for the North Shore Girls Soccer Club for the past 15 years; coached Soccer, Field Hockey and Baseball here. The District of North Vancouver is one of the best places to live on Earth.

We are are now feeling the impact of rapid growth, and we must manage this responsibly to both safeguard what is so special about our community, and to ensure coming changes don’t negatively impact existing neighbourhoods, communities, and our current residents.

My primary concerns and some main goals for addressing them are:

Traffic: strong support for continuing the work begun with the INSTPP report. We must have a unified North Shore Voice if we want Translink to listen.

Housing: making purpose-built rental housing a major priority for development, and protecting current residents from displacement due to rising housing costs. Affordable housing must be delivered before development can proceed.

Environment: small local facilities for composting and recycling, banning single-use plastics, and creating a path towards new construction being built to best in class environmental standards.

Social Responsibility: Government has a positive impact on society and uses its position to ensure everyone is cared for, heard and respected.

Fiscal Responsibility: Government must operate in a transparent, responsible manner within a financial framework.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Elliott, Mark

Lonsdale/Braemar Area, V7N 4H5

Mark Elliot candidate for councillHaving lived in North Vancouver for most of my life, and volunteering within the community (including 3 ½ years on the District Parks and Natural Environment Advisory Committee), I am concerned with the same things as many North Van residents:

  • traffic congestion
  • quality of life, maintaining a feeling of community
  • housing and development
  • taxes
  • representation in government

I believe a balance can be struck between competing interests and concepts:

  • encouraging and facilitating the use of public transit, bike routes, and walking while recognizing that cars are still an important part of residents' mobility
  • responsible development that fulfills the need for market and affordable housing while maintaining our communities
  • preserving the great range of parks, green spaces, and trails we have, while managing the increased public usage from both NV residents, and the surrounding municipalities
  • funding for district services while working to keep taxes as low as possible
  • listening to the concerns of existing residents while accommodating people who want to make North Vancouver their new home
  • understanding the voice of businesses in addition to individual citizens within the district because they contribute to a vibrant municipality
  • improving access to sport, recreation, and arts for everyone
  • working collaboratively with various levels of government for the best outcomes, especially concerning transportation and housing

I will be a voice for all age ranges, understanding the goals, challenges, and needs for multiple generations.  My strengths are my ability to listen first, and work with others for the best outcome for all residents.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Findlay, Linda

1201 Kilmer Road

Linda Findlay council candidateI have always had a keen interest in community service and, more recently, in local politics.  I ran for Councillor in 2014 and was only 316 votes short of winning a seat. And, other than the incumbents running for re-eIection, I am also the only 2014 candidate running again.  Such is my commitment to earning your vote.

My focus is to ensure the continuing sustainability of our community. I support collaborative and multi-dimensional approaches to solving problems so that all are acknowledged, recognized and included.

To maintain our quality of life it is important that we continue to provide an environment that attracts new business, creates employment and ensures long term economic growth.  Additional priorities include improving transportation and infrastructure, managing density and growth and preserving our natural habitat.

Now is a strategically important time in the District.  There has been a major shift to delivery mode of our Official Community Plan.  Strong leadership is required to ensure prudent implementation of the OCP.  Managing growth and providing alternate housing options are priorities.  Growth and development must be coordinated with transportation and infrastructure.

Development must make sense, be sustainable and comfortably absorbed into the fabric of community life.

Civic elections allow us to vote for those who can truly make a difference in our daily lives.  I am one of those people.  I’ll bring leadership, integrity and honesty to the role and the tenacity to get things done.  I would be honoured to represent you on Council.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Forbes, Betty

Lynn Valley

Betty Forbes council candidateI’m a fourth generation North Vancouverite and have called Lynn Valley home for the past 39 years. I’m a proud parent of 2 adult children and understand the challenges their generation face, particularly regarding housing.

My commitment to our community is reflected in my life-long volunteering and engagement including:

  • Official Community Plan (OCP) Implementation Monitoring Committee
  • Lynn Valley Community Association Board Member
  • North Vancouver Community Association Network (NVCAN) Board Member
  • Save Our Shores Member
  • 11 years on PAC’s
  • Recipient of a Provincial Award from A.C.E. British Columbia for volunteerism
  • Advocate for residents being displaced at Emery Village
  • Volunteer for Mountain Court Fire Relief
  • Advocate for policy changes around speed limits near playgrounds to keep our kids safe

My professional background as an accountant includes over 30 years experience, including working in the Finance Department at the District.

Strong fiscal management is critical to our success.

I am a good listener and I understand what the community expects from its representatives.

  • Transportation improvements through coordinated and comprehensive efforts by all three levels of government
  • A diverse inventory of housing for all demographics and income levels, including market, purpose-built-rental, and truly affordable rental
  • Slow the unprecedented rate of development so we may reassess where we are and build what the community NEEDS and WANTS
  • Transparency and frequent consultation with the community to ensure all voices are heard and genuinely considered
  • Review of CAC and tax policies

Under my leadership, you can expect me to move our municipality forward.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Forward, Barry

652 Montroyal Boulevard, V7R 2G3

Barry Forward council candidateI moved to North Vancouver with my family over 20 years ago to be close to the mountains, near good schools and recreation opportunities, and to be part of a great community.  I love North Van and have had the honour to serve as an elected School Trustee from the District of North Vancouver for 10 years (2008-2018). I have seen first-hand how important it is to listen and work with our diverse and passionate residents to build a community we are all proud of. For example, I fought hard to preserve our vacant school lands for long term community use and benefit.

Over the last 4 years we have experienced massive change:

  • We need to slow development so it keeps pace with our ability to provide the infrastructure to support it;
  • We must respond to housing demands by supporting people first, not developers;
  • We must push for coordinated development and transportation planning with other municipalities and governments;
  • We need to get back to listening to our community, being open and accessible.

I believe we must balance progress and the speed of development with a thoughtful approach that takes all residents into consideration, to build a North Vancouver we can all be proud of.

As a long-time resident of the Delbrook and Upper Capilano areas, I am committed to a deliberate, thoughtful and well-planned community.

Change is upon us, it will be how we manage that change that will define what our community becomes.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Hanson, Jim

2125 Hill Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7H 2N1

Council candidate Jim HansonI was born in North Vancouver in 1961, and my wife Ruth Hanson and I raised our two adult children Robert and Elizabeth in Blueridge.  I attended Blueridge Elementary and Windsor Secondary Schools.   After graduating from High School, I attended Simon Fraser University, UBC Law School, and Oxford University (England).  I am a practicing lawyer.

It was a great honour for me to be elected to North Vancouver District Council in 2014.  During my term, I have advocated for transportation solutions, affordable housing, and greenspace protection.   I have voted for a slower pace of development, at least until progress is made on transportation solutions on the North Shore.

I am a strong advocate for re-unification of the City and District of North Vancouver.  I believe that we are all one community and that we will be stronger together. If re-elected, I will be an advocate for transit, affordable housing, green space protection, re-unification of the City and the District and for a slower pace of development.

I will actively campaign for rapid transit to the North Shore.​

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Harvey, John

33 - 1910 Cedar Village Crescent

Our family emigrated to Nth Vancouver in 1987, first renting, then purchasing a Townhouse in Lynn Valley near Karen Magnussen Rec Centre in 1990. As we live on say a sliver of land off Rufus Drive we pay property taxes to the City, but with No highrises around us, and living, plus our shopping etc is say 90% in Lynn Valley then this time I am running for DNV Councillor.

I am a Founding member of the RNB Dance situated in Lynn Valley and Delegate spoke to Council in Lease winning the premises on Mountain Highway plus expanding of extra studios into the Square, 30 successful years upcoming and employing many teachers.

Been a Vice-President of the North Van Arts Council and their Delegate to the Chamber of Commerce.

Due to some say skull duggery I had to go to the then Mayor which eventually allowed a Ms Linda Feil to become Executive Director.

My wife and I accepted assisting Cllr Stella Jo Dean's 'Folkfest' performances for 5 years, being also Treasurer.

Was a 5 year Board member on the North Shore Charitable Foundation.

I have past serve 3 years on our Strata Council.

I am on the Board of the Lynn Valley Community Association

Please view the DNV Public input sessions where unlike many other Candidates I have spoken MANY times

Note my Nomination paper of the 3rd/4th names, where because of them having a District problem I have visited them and OTHERS in case I could assist.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Hicks, Robin

4598 Underwood Avenue, BC V7K 2S2
604-986-0659 (home); 604-209-6592 (cell)

Robin Hicks, candidate for councillorContinuing Objectives

  • Stability, continuity and experience during a period of major change
  • Sound financial management and accountability in expenditure decisions
  • High level of public service
  • Civility in Council debate based on factual information
  • Resilience in long term financial and OCP based planning

Personal Information

  • Married, three daughters, seven grandchildren
  • Forty year resident Lynn Valley
  • Four term Councillor
  • B.Sc. CPA CA
  • Chair of District Finance and Audit Committee
  • Metro Vancouver Utilities Committee member
  • North Vancouver Museum and Archives Commissioner

Community Issues


The recently published report by (INSTPP), points out that there are no easy solutions to the complexity of congestion. Traffic problems and affordable housing are inextricably linked.  Growing employment opportunities and the shortage of available housing has combined to create a significant increase of inward commuters. Pausing development particularly of both market and affordable rental units will exacerbate this situation. The provision of housing is not part of our local government mandate, however the District has allocated three sites for development of affordable units in partnership with housing societies and with provincial funding.


I support the OCP, which brings our separate geographic communities together in a common vision. Although not a perfect document it incorporates the values and aspirations which we all hold true. It commits to objectives in accord with the (INSTPP) report by concentrating population growth in town centers close to transit. I commit to a major review based on the current community based report nearing completion.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Morten, ZoAnn

1858 Beaulynn Place North Vancouver BC V7J 2T1 

ZoAnn Morten council candidateZoAnn grew up in the Westlynn area, she and her husband Pat raised their sons in Lynnmour, they now reside back in Westlynn, Lynn Valley. ZoAnn has spent the past 30+ years volunteering within community for the benefit of North Vancouver’s people, places and the environment. She looks forward to serving the needs of community as a councillor.

Vote Oct 20th!

I will represent you and work with all levels of Government on long-term solutions to traffic congestion, and also work with you to identify areas where immediate action can be taken to keep us moving.

It’s time to take a pause on the building boom here in North Vancouver. A thorough review of our DNV Official Community Plan is overdue.

We need respectful, timely communications between council and residents.

Green spaces, clean rivers and streams, safe parks and pathways are essential to our core values here in North Vancouver. My background working with volunteers and with Federal and Provincial policy development will be invaluable to keep our natural spaces functioning.

The business community have expressed these concerns. Ability to keep employees due to housing and transportation issues including parking for customers. The removal of commercial buildings in favour of new builds has increased costs of leasing. Traffic congestion discourages local shopping. Working on the first two pieces of housing and transportation will assist in many of these concerns.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Muri, Lisa

1190 Hilary Place

Lisa Muri council candidateI believe in standing up for what you believe in. I believe in integrity, transparency and the power of community. We are elected to represent YOU and I've been listening & advocating for 22 years.

I know this community and we're saying, "slow down". Taking a pause to review where we are, strategize how to manage the unprecedented volume of development approvals - and consulting with our community on how to achieve our housing, transportation, environmental and employment goals is how the democratic process works.

Speculation, poor planning and industrial and residential re-zonings have resulted in gentrification. Displacing one group to accommodate another is not in keeping with my values, the community's values or the OCP. Continuing to build market units while the affordable housing situation reached crisis levels is not responsible government. The OCP has failed to protect the very people its written for and must be reviewed.

Our transportation infrastructure can't keep pace with the 'Amazing Development Race' yet a majority council continues to approve condos for cars despite our existing gridlock, outcry from the community and OCP's targeted decrease in vehicle dependence. There's no "silver bullet" to resolve our traffic chaos, it requires a comprehensive approach from all levels of government.

This community cares deeply about the environment and I've always advocated for the protection of our blue & green spaces. We must bring government and community together to create a sustainable future.

Please visit my website for more detailed platform information. Thanks for your continued support.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Parekh, Sameer

Building Bridges Electors Society

104-1575 Pemberton Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2S3 

Sameer Parekh candidate for councilI am running as a candidate for council for the District of North Vancouver (DNV). I’ve lived in the District for over 35 years in 4 different neighbourhoods; it is home.

I attended pre-school, elementary and secondary school in the DNV. I also attended at Capilano University and then went on to earn my Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Transportation & Logistics and Information Systems at University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business. After working for 5 years, I returned to school and earned my Master’s in Business Administration from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

I helped run my family business in Lynn Valley and currently work for a membership-based organisation. Financial accountability is a central value I hold. I’m passionate about the environment and enjoy volunteering to help improve our community.

I am running for Council because friends and family tell me it is time that the DNV find solutions to the challenges of housing and transportation.

People here are frustrated and want to see their Mayor and Councillors offer solutions. I’m ready to offer the residents of the DNV my expertise, energy and dedication as their Councillor. I expect to be held to account by my community and to deliver results that are long overdue. My strong collaboration skills and genuine joy working within groups with diverse perspectives will help to get things done.

On October 20th, I am looking for your vote to be a Councillor for our great District of North Vancouver

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Robins, Greg

901 Hendecourt Road, North Vancouver, BC V7K 2X5

Council candidate Greg RobinsI believe in a strong community that is clearly heard by government, I support small businesses owned and operated by District residents, and I deeply value our unique natural surroundings.

Many of you have expressed your concerns to me, especially traffic, housing affordability, the shortage of rentals and the need for more transit options.

Some issues, such as the Maplewood Village Centre, are being passed on to the new council; there will be challenges from the start.

I believe in a collaborative approach where residents, community associations and special interest groups should be listened to with more attention and sincerity by the whole council. Developers need to work with the district to better integrate affordable housing and accommodate renters. Together, we can achieve this.

Having run a small business here for 10 years, I will support the success of local businesses. From protecting affordable commercial real estate options to being more flexible with regulations, the District can help residents open and sustain a locally-owned business.

Finally, I will continue to support the preservation and integrity of our natural surroundings. The value of our forests, streams, beaches and mountains are what make us unique and provide the beautiful backdrop we enjoy every day. We can be leaders in environmentalism.

I sit on several boards, volunteered with NSBMX and our PAC. I am slated to receive my Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads in 2019. I live in Lynn Valley with my wife, Nicole, and two children.

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Teevan, Peter

1975 Indian River Cr, North Vancouver, BC, V7G 2N7 

I have lived and worked in the District for over 30 years both in business and volunteer roles, and now want to work from within to improve the lives of our local community residents. My first three priorities, if given the opportunity to serve on Council will be to restore a little balance to Council’s positions on:

1) Transportation – we need to alleviate the gridlock that is plaguing our residents. Let’s start with talking about synchronizing lights for east-west traffic, talk about coordinating construction projects so we don’t block parallel routes through both DNV and CNV at the same time, then let’s get ready for the inevitable replacement of our 81-year-old and 61-year-old Lions Gate and Ironworkers Memorial bridges.

2) Development – we need to slow and better manage development to lessen the negative impacts on current residents as well as to prioritize development we do need – less bedroom luxury condos. Let’s bring harmful "demovictions" to a halt! There must be a place to go for families that would be displaced by new development proposals. I fought hard lobbying Council throughout the Emery Village process and I will continue to fight to protect citizens within Council, if given the task!

3) District Hall - It can be incredibly difficult to find the right person within District Hall to talk to. We need a municipal government that is "triple-A" - Accessible. Accountable. Adding Value to people's lives.​

Nomination and Statement of Disclosure

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Thomas, Carleen

Building Bridges Electors Society

3198 Dollarton Hwy
604-929-1380 (home); 778-378-5112 (cell); 604-924-4162 (business); 604-929-4158 (fax)

Carleen Thomas, council candidateI am from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. I was born and raised here and have served 8 terms (16 years) as an elected Council Member for my Nation.

I am running as a candidate for the DNV Council to help build relationships between communities that call the DNV home. My grandfather taught me that "we must find a way to co-exist; we must find a way to work together." After raising 3 children with my husband of 35 years, and now a grandmother of 5, I feel the need to weave our communities together more than ever.

My work experience required me to collaborate with various federal and provincial ministries. Specifically, I've served on many boards including the Aboriginal Advisory Boards of SFU; Capilano University; Burnaby School District; North Vancouver School District; and the NautsaMawt Tribal Council.

Currently I am on the Wild Bird Trust of BC, Indigenous Advisory Boards of Burnaby School District and Capilano University. I was recently appointed to the Board of Governors at Capilano University.

I have a Bachelor of Education from UBC and have taught with SD44 and SD41.

Local governments are at a precipice to affect important change. We must create livable, affordable housing for all who call North Vancouver District home and for our grandchildren, one day. Municipalities have a huge voice and I would love to become a voice for the citizens of this District.

My experiences will serve the DNV residents well, and I humbly request your vote on October 20th.​

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Candidates for School Trustee

Bruce, Devon

Building Bridges Electors Society

2012 Fullerton avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7P3E3

Devon Bruce school trustee candidateI’m honoured to declare my candidacy as a District candidate for school trustee for the School District of North Vancouver.  I’m excited to offer my expertise and collaborative leadership style to the board on behalf of all students.

Providing a quality education in the context of stretched budgets is the central challenge we face in public education. I strongly believe that board members must always work together respectfully and in coordination with the district senior staff team.

I bring a highly relevant skill set to the board as a dedicated professional in special education with over a decade of varied experience in the field.

At every turn, I advocate for individuals living with developmental disabilities.  My work has ranged from life skills training to behavioural intervention to Special Education Assistant. Currently I manage the Employment and Social Enterprise programs for North Shore ConneXions Society.

Along with my local experience, I bring a broad view of K-12 education to the table.  I’ve worked with Global Affairs Canada developing education programs in elementary schools in Uganda and personally oversaw some of these programs in remote villages.

Inclusion and special education have always been my passion. I believe my career experience will lend itself exceptionally well to the North Vancouver School Board.

As trustee, I am committed to working on behalf of all students within the district. I recognize however that my unique insight will strengthen group decisions and student outcomes.

Thank you your consideration and please feel free to connect with me.

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Evangelista, Behl

4633 Valley Road, North Vancouver, BC V7K 2M1

Trustee candidate evangelistaIn my 28 years as a custodian, I learned how important it is to have a safe, clean, and supportive learning environment to provide high-quality education for all North Vancouver students.

I came to Canada from the Philippines, married, and I have lived in the District for over 36 years.

I recently retired. I have devoted much of my life to public education, and now seek to serve as a trustee. I will bring in a unique background and different perspective that will be valuable to school board decision-making.

In the Philippines, I held accounting credentials and worked for 8 years in the Provincial Engineer’s Office, where I learned financial management, strategic planning, and teamwork in an office environment. However, in Canada I had a very different career in building maintenance but practiced the arts of teamwork and cooperation.

As a school trustee, I know that I always can't make everyone happy. There are always fewer resources than we need and “to govern is to choose.” In the context of limited resources, I understand the importance of setting up priorities. However, we need to push for a better solution in funding formula from Victoria. I will listen to advise and input from all stakeholders; work cooperatively and respectfully with my fellow trustees and decide responsibly according to the best interests of our students.

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Farrell, Norman

1261 Seymour Blvd., North Vancouver, V7J 2J7

School trustee candidate Norman FarrellMaternal ancestors of mine first settled in North Vancouver before WWI. Gwen and I raised three children in the District and all live here still. Our seven children attend local schools. Education is vital; I can help make it better for all.

For 10 years, I have published with commentary on BC political issues. I argue against waste and criticize spending gaining minimal value. But, I believe education is the most powerful investment we can make in the future.

After years of minimal increases in school funding, each District must maximize value for every dollar spent. I would prioritize children, teachers and support staff. Administrators must also deliver high value to taxpayers.

The outgoing board had some interpersonal difficulties. Disagreements are inevitable, even healthy, but Trustees must set high standards for cooperation seeking fair consensus. Communication must be without acrimony. Respect is vital.

As a Trustee, I’d be an advocate for sports and recreation that builds lifelong skills and interests. Additionally, I am an ardent supporter of music, the arts and other cultural initiatives.

Many elementary school parents have need for before-school and after-school care. Where adequate facilities exist, schools should help meet these family needs.

District 44 is dedicated to inclusive education that promotes participation, friendship and respectful interactions. I applaud this and encourage celebration of North Vancouver’s cultural diversity.

If elected as a School Board member, I will focus my full time on delivering the best results possible.

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Gerlach, Cyndi

3743 Roblin Place North Vancouver, BC, V7N 2C5​
604-987-6608 (home); 604-831-6608 (cell)

Cyndi Gerlach, school trustee candidateThank you for your interest! I have spent 17 years advocating for students, parents, teachers, and staff in the District of North Vancouver.

As a North Vancouver parent myself, I understand the importance of commitment to individualized education support for each and every student in our district. I am running for re-election based on the strength of my 7 years of experience as school trustee, and on my dedication to the goal of completing critical work already underway that will set the stage for the long-term success of our school district.

My 4 Key Priorities for 2018 to 2022:

Commit to all staff that we will offer the training and resources necessary to fully support staff as they meet the diverse needs of today’s students.

Ensure our budget prioritizes supporting the new contract language, our new BC curriculum, and needs of today’s classrooms, and builds out from there.

Bring a positive and respectful approach to our upcoming negotiations in 2019, and apply a collaborative approach to meeting the educational needs within our District.

Build our Strategic Plan 2021-2031 with a clear vision and commitment to meet the future needs of our students, and fully support our staff and the new BC Curriculum.

I look forward to engaging with you and our community during this election and throughout the upcoming term as your School Trustee. Please feel free to contact me - I would love to talk to you about your priorities for our students and families!

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Ligale, Edna


A great public education can propel children to great heights and open up doors that lead to a bright future. As a 25 year resident of North Vancouver, an Urban Planner(turned matchmaker and relationship specialist) and having
raised 2 daughters in this community, I decided to give back by running for school trustee. My older daughter who is now an educator right here on the North Shore encouraged me to go for it!

My main focus as trustee will be acceptance and  inclusivity for all students, and this includes zero tolerance for bullying;

We need to be proactive about vaping & pot smoking and with marijuana legalization looming,  kids will have easier access to pot.

As an advocate for special needs students, I wonder if they are truly receiving the same quality education as other students?

I am a life long volunteer and  believe that all students should volunteer.

Finally, in today’s world with #metoo and #timesup movements, sex education will need to reflect what is happening in the "real world"! This means teaching our students age appropriate material that will encourage them to value and respect their own bodies.

I am humbled and I look forward to learning from parents, students, teachers, fellow trustees, council etc. At the end of the day it’s a collaborative effort.

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Mann, Kulvir

Kulvir Mann candidate for school trusteeI am running for School Board Trustee of the North Vancouver Board of Education in the 2018 civic election.

I have been a resident of the North Shore for almost twenty years and am a parent to two children in SD44. I am a dedicated and caring advocate for my community, committed to all students regardless of their ability, ethnicity or gender so they have the best learning environment and programs available to reach their highest potential.

I currently work as an Active and Safe Routes to School Facilitator for HASTe (Hub for Active School Travel) with schools on the North Shore to promote the importance of walking and biking to school.

I have volunteered for 6 years on the Canyon Heights PAC and 3 on the District NVPAC (2 as Vice Chair). Through this experience I have learned to work well in a team environment, giving me a strong foundation for working on the NVSD School Board. I find contributing to school and community a very rewarding experience and am proud to have taken a leadership role in developing:

New Kindergarten Booklet, Active & Safe Routes to School Program, Master of Disaster Emergency Preparedness Program for all Grade 6 Students in BC, Celebrating & Supporting Complex Learners, Milo the Robot Resource, Pink Shirt Day and School Gardens Initiative and volunteering with Family Services of the North Shore on PEDAW & Christmas Bureau and with Harvest Project on their campaigns.

All kids matter and should feel a sense of belonging.

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Small, Cam

I have no kids of my own, but I have 5 nephews in district schools and a 6th will join in a few years.

My candidacy is inspired by them.

There is several issues I would like to see addressed.

Across the lower mainland females have significantly higher marks in Math 10 pre calculus , Science 10, English 10, Social studies 11, English 12. Dig deeper though and the gap between males and females is not nearly as pronounced when it comes to provincial exams.  Indeed, in some districts males tested better, albeit just barley, than females in Socials 11, Math 10, and Science 10.  The spread is most pronounced in classroom marks.  North Van is no different in that regard.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is North Vancouver's low 6 year graduation rate.  The last year for which numbers were available North Vancouver lagged 10 points behind comparable districts and was 6 points below the provincial average.  A comparably low rate of grade 11 students making the transition to grade 12 seems to be the problem.  For the year 2015 to 2016, the number of North Vancouver grade 11 students successfully transitioning to grade 12 was 9 points lower than Coquitlam and Burnaby and 7 points lower than Vancouver.

As the province does not specifically allocate money for technological upgrades the way it does capital projects, a third area needing attention is to make room in the budget for technological upgrades.

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Tsiakos, George

37 - 1001 Northlands Drive, North Vancouver, V7H 2Y3

George Tkiakos, trustee candidateI deeply value the role that a good education plays in our community. A strong public education system provides the best way for students to reach their full potential and succeed in life. As a District resident for eight years, I want to give back to my community and believe I have the education and professional experience to make a positive contribution as School Trustee.

I am the Acting Head of the UBC Law Library and the librarian responsible for leading the Library's instructional programs. I am also an Adjunct Professor at the Allard School of Law where I teach legal research and writing. As an educator, I understand the important role a strong K-12 public education plays in student success.

As Trustee, I will focus on making informed, thoughtful, and effective decisions to create equal opportunity for all students to succeed. I will commit to creating a more respectful and transparent Board environment. I am dedicated to increasing mental health awareness by placing a greater emphasis on early interventions and increasing partnerships with community mental health agencies to support student well-being.

We have a very good education system in North Vancouver, but we can make it better. As a father of two young children, I want to advocate for their future education and the future education of all students. I am committed to bringing people together and building strong partnerships to make our education system the best it can be.

To learn more, please visit my website.

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