Centennial Bursary Awards

We award scholarships to students who have distinguished themselves both academically and in the community.

This scholarship is from a trust fund endowed in 1958 to commemorate the Centennial of the Province of British Columbia.

Each year, we give a bursary to one student in each of our six secondary schools, based on these criteria:

  • qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and need
  • resident for the last two years within the District
  • no other financial award is being granted to the student
  • the money must be used to continue the student's education at a post secondary institution

Applications and nominations are made through each of the high schools.

Bursary recipients

Year Student
September 2017 Nicola Tindle
  Skye Methven
  Avery Grantham
  Mack Pazhoohian
  David Dreyer
  Emmalie Powell
  Marika Allen-Mangold


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