Commercial vehicle licence

If you operate a commercial vehicle as part of your business operations, you need to purchase a commercial vehicle decal.

Each vehicle you use for your business requires its own decal. Decals expire on December 31 of each year.

​There is a $50 fine for not purchasing a decal for your commercial vehicle.

How to buy your decal

To buy a decal, bring your valid insurance papers to the Development Services Counter at District Hall.

Decal fees

The fees for a decal are based on gross vehicle weight (GVW)

GVW Amount
Up to 2,800 kg $25.00
2,801 kg to 11,800 kg $30.00
11,801 kg to 20,000 kg $35.00
Over 20,001 kg $40.00

Replacements or transfers

There is an additional charge of $6.25 to replace your vehicle decal, or transfer it to a different vehicle.