Community Advisory Panel (Canexus, ERCO Worldwide and Univar Canada)

The Community Advisory Panel to Canexus, ERCO Worldwide, and Univar (CAP) provides a forum for the open and mutual exchange of ideas and concerns between the companies and the community.

It serves as a focus group and resource for the companies and community members on issues of mutual concern including safety, health, and the environment.

Review their Terms of Reference to learn more about this panel

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Advisory panel members

  • Rick Denton
  • Tom Miller
  • Louis Maranda
  • Robin Lee
  • Chris Parent
  • Dorit Mason
  • Doug Allan
  • Norman George
  • Alex McNeil
  • John Miller
  • Lorraine Harvey
  • John Hunter
  • Bill Tracey
  • Patricia Banner-Lover
  • Richard C. Beard
  • Lisa Richardson
  • Dave Mair
  • Cathy Brydon
  • John Walkley
  • Katie Gaydon
  • Jane Thornthwaite