Finance and Audit Standing Committee

The Finance and Audit Standing Committee provides financial oversight on behalf of Council.

Duties include:

  • Recommend the appointment of the External Auditor for the municipality to Council
  • Receive annual Audited Financial statements and External Auditor’s report and recommends to Council for approval
  • Receive Internal Auditor’s reports for information Reviews Internal Audit Plan annually with the Internal Auditor and provide input and direction
  • Receive and respond to audit reports issued by the Auditor General for Local Government
  • Review and approve Corporate Financial Policies
  • Receive Chief Financial Officer’s report on operations quarterly
  • Report to Council on the Committee’s financial governance activities annually
  • Recommend to the CAO and CFO specific assignments in relation to financial governance

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  • Mayor Mike Little
  • Councillor Mathew Bond
  • Councillor Betty Forbes