Advisory Design Panel (ADP)

The Advisory Design Panel reviews development applications and public projects against urban design objectives.

The Panel advises Council and staff on the design of projects, including site layout, exterior design of proposed buildings, choice of building materials, and landscape design. Comprehensive feedback is provided on each proposal to help ensure new buildings fit the local context, and support the community.

For complete details of their mandate review their Terms of Reference

Information about panel members

The panel is comprised of 11 volunteers appointed by Council, as mandated by the terms of reference. All panel members are experts in their fields, and represent aspects of the construction industry.

Mandated qualification Number of positions Filled by
Architect registered in BC, and a member in good standing of the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC) Three Stuart Rothnie
Rafael Santa Ana
Farnaz Sharifi
Landscape architect registered in BC, and a member in good standing of the BC Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) Two Josh Bernsen
Emily Blair
Professional engineer, registered in BC One Koosha Kheradmandnia
Representative of the building industry One Vacant
Representative of the development industry One John Gilmore
Visual arts specialist One Brian Newton
Representative of persons with disabilities One Alexis Chicoine 
Member of the RCMP, who is a specialist in crime prevention through design (CPTED) One Sgt Kevin Bracewell

In addition, the panel is supported by the District's urban designer, Alfonso Tejada and planner, Kevin Zhang.

2024 meeting agendas and minutes

Meeting date Documents
January 11 Agenda
March 14 Agenda
April 11 Agenda

Meeting minutes archive (2014-2023)

 2023 meeting agendas and minutes

Meeting date Documents
March 9 Agenda | Minutes
April 13 Agenda | Minutes
June 8 Agenda | Minutes
October 12 Agenda | Minutes
November 9 Agenda | Minutes
December 14 Agenda | Minutes

 2022 meeting agendas and minutes

Meeting date Documents
February 10  Agenda | Minutes
March 11 Agenda | Minutes
April 14 Agenda | Minutes
June 9 Agenda | Minutes
July 14 Agenda | Minutes
September 8 Agenda | Minutes
December 8 Agenda | Minutes

2021 meeting minutes

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Encouraging excellence in design

Each year, the Advisory Design Panel presents awards to encourage excellence in design, and to recognize projects that significantly contribute to the built environment of the District of North Vancouver.

Good design is central to creating places that are smart, safe, functional, and beautiful.

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