Community Advisory Panel (Chemtrade Logistics, ERCO Worldwide, GFL Environmental, and Univar Solutions)

The Community Advisory Panel (CAP) provides a forum for the open and mutual exchange of ideas and concerns between the companies and local communities in Maplewood and surrounding areas.

It serves as a focus group and resource for the companies and community members on issues of mutual concern including safety, health, and the environment.


The CAP has a diversity of membership including North Shore Emergency Management, the Port, DNV, Wild Bird Trust and various community associations as well as individual community members.

CAP is open to any member of the community who wishes to participate in achieving CAP goals while respecting the Guiding Principles and Terms of Reference.


The CAP works to develop an understanding of the companies’ activities as they affect the neighboring communities for the education of all concerned citizens.

The CAP does not usurp regulatory functions, local government controls, or other government procedures in place for public safety, health and environmental protection, or replace ongoing involvement between the companies and the surrounding community.

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Meeting minutes and related documents

CAP holds five meetings per year between September and June, usually on the third Tuesday of the month from 5:30pm to 8pm. 

Here are minutes and other documents from their meetings. For more information, please contact the CAP facilitator, at or 604.515.0115.

Previous years

Year Date Documents
2023 February 23 MinutesPresentation (HTEC)
  April 18 Minutes | Presentation (Chemtrade)
  June 28 Minutes | Presentation (ERCO)
  September 19 Minutes | Presentation (GFL)
  November 21 Minutes | Presentation (Operation Lifesaver)
2022 February 15 MinutesPresentation (Metro Vancouver)
  April 12 Minutes | Presentation (Port of Vancouver)
  June 14 Minutes | Presentation (DNV)
  September 22 Minutes
  November 22 Minutes
2021 February 16 Minutes
  April 20 Minutes
  June 15 Minutes | Presentation (Metro Vancouver)
  Sept 29 Minutes
  November 30 Minutes | Presentation (NSEM)
2020 February 18 Minutes
  April (no meeting) Company reports
  June (no meeting) Company reports
  October 6 Minutes | NSEM presentation
  December 8 Minutes
2019 February 19 Minutes | Presentation (Port of Vancouver)
  April 30 Minutes
  June 18 Minutes | Presentation (VFPA overview) | Evaluation results
  September 17 Minutes
  November 19 Minutes | ERCO safety message | ERCO Qualitative Risk Assessment Summary
2018 February 22 Minutes
  April 3 Minutes | Presentation
  June 19 Minutes | Presentation | CAP evaluation 2017/2018
  October 11 Minutes
  November 20 Minutes | Presentation 1 (Port of Vancouver) | Presentation 2 (Univar)
2017 January 16 Minutes
  May 21 Minutes
  June 20  Minutes | CAP evaluation 2016/2017
  September 26 Minutes | Presentation
  November 11 Minutes
2016 February 16 Minutes
  April 19 Minutes
  July 5 Minutes
  September 27 Minutes
2015 February 16 Minutes
  September 29 Minutes
  November 17 Minutes
2014 November 18 Minutes

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