Request a proclamation

Do you have an event that you would like residents to know more about through a proclamation? Let us know.

What to include in your proclamation request:

  • Contact person's name, address,and phone number
  • A brief summary and/or background of the event
  • The name and date(s) of the day, week, month, or event to be proclaimed
  • Proposed text for the proclamation, including "Whereas" clauses
  • A date when the proclamation is needed

How to submit a proclamation request

Submit your proclamation request by mail or email to the Mayor's Office at District Hall.

Phone: 604-990-2208

Guidelines for proclamations

The Mayor reserves the right to decline any request for a proclamation or to make exception to the following guidelines:

  • Proclamations recognize a day, week, or month
  • A four week notice is required to provide proclamations
  • Any draft language provided may be edited or rewritten at the discretion of the Mayor's Office