Sign permit

You need a sign permit for most exterior signs that advertise a business or an event.

Signs that do not require a permit

  • directional sign
  • portable sign
  • special event sign
  • wall sign in a single family zone (other than bed & breakfast or home business signs)
  • window sign
  • real estate sign advertising one property for sale in a single family residential zone, or one unit for sale in a multi family zone

While these signs do not require a permit, they still need to comply with all sign regulation bylaws

Review the sign bylaw for complete requirements

How to apply for a sign permit

  1. Review the sign bylaw to ensure the size, type, and location of the sign you want is permitted. If you're not sure, ask the Planning Department for help.
  2. Complete the application form, and bring it to District Hall, along with:
  • an illustration or graphic of the sign 
  • a picture of the front of your business, identifying where you would like to place the sign
  • structural assurances from a professional engineer (your sign company can help you with this requirement)
  • a cheque for the permit fee (if you are unsure how much you owe, please contact us and we can help)

Applications submitted without cheques can not be processed.

It takes about a week to process your application, providing your sign conforms to the sign bylaws. Once approved, your sign permit will be mailed to the address on your application form. 


The permit fee is $150 for your first sign, and $85 for each subsequent sign.


Download the application form