Council recognizes individuals or organizations for their contribution to the community.

Date Person Reason for tribute
March 24, 2009 Ms. Sarah Bilesky  Heroic deed in rescuing a boater in distress at Cates Park on March 24, 2008
May 5, 2008 Mr. Peter Hansen Received the prestigious Moncrief Award from the American Burn Association
April 7, 2008 Ms. Caroline Hotzak Heroic deed in rescuing a boater in distress at Cates Park on March 24, 2008
March 3, 2008 Ms. Agnes Hilsen and Ms. Kathy Arscott Combined 50 years service to the District of North Vancouver
May 28, 2007 Mr. James Ridge The very high standard of integrity and service to the citizens of North Vancouver District 
April 16, 2007 Captain Terry Abrams Pioneered the Mr. DooBee Show
February 27, 2006 Mr. Julian Davis Heroic deed pulling an injured person from a burning vehicle
October 24, 2005 Mr. Irwin Torry 15 years of service with the District
June 20, 2005 Sgt. Ralph Stringer Awarded a Certificate of Commendation by Her Excellency, the Governor General of Canada for an act of great merit 
July 19, 2004 Mr. Don Bell Leadership and years of service to the community
April 16, 2007 Mr. Zachary Rohland Alerted the emergency services when confronted with a recent fire in his home
March 14, 2005 Charros Foundation Invaluable contribution to the safety and well-being of District citizens through their community support of the Mr. DoBee Fire and Life Safety Program
September 27, 2004 Mr. Paul Marshall  Outstanding services as Commissionaire for the District of North Vancouver
September 27, 2004 Ms. Doris Orr Outstanding service to the care of lost and abandoned pets
October 6, 2003 Mr. Lyle Craver Awarded the title of "International Arbiter" by the world chess organization, Federation Internationale des Echec
July 21, 2003 Ms. Sally Gibson Elected President of the British Columbia Library Trustees Association
May 23, 2003 Mr. John Lakes Former Alderman/Councillor of the District of North Vancouver from 1961-1963 and from 1976-1983
September 9, 2002 Mr. Malik Talib For Excellence in the design and lighting of the Lions Gate Ismaili Jamatkhana located in North Vancouver
February 18, 2002 Mr. John Lewis His role in implementing improvements to the School District in his former capacity as Director of Facilities and Planning
October 15, 2001 Ms. Laura Wells An act of great merit in providing assistance to another in a selfless manner
January 22, 2001 Mr. Mike Hoskin 28 years of service to the District of North Vancouver
Jun 19, 2000 Mr. Mike Tupper His heroic deed in rescuing a citizen from a burning boat in Seycove Marina
April 26, 1999 North Shore Rescue Team In recognition of the Team’s important role in the community
February 15, 1999 North Shore Rescue Team Their efforts during the January 27, 1999 Grouse Grind Avalanche rescue
February 9, 1998 Mr. Edmund Desjardins Contribution to North Shore Disability Resource Society 
February 9, 1998 Mr. Art George Received the citizen’s award at the North Vancouver Centennial celebrations in 1991, and longtime owner of the Deep Cove (Seycove) Marina
October 27, 1997 Mr. George Lees His exemplary efforts in organizing Block Watch activities over many years in the Deep Cove/Seymour area
July 7, 1997 Seycove Secondary School graduates Heroic deed in rescuing and administering first aid to a citizen who had lost control of her vehicle at Cates Landing
December 9, 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ashdown Generous gift of a gavel made from mammoth ivory made by Mr. John Scotland
October 28, 1996 Mr. John Bremner High level of performance in managing the engineering, parks, streets & utilities fields 
May 6, 1996 North Shore Emergency Social Services Outstanding contribution to emergency preparedness


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