Blueridge Park playground

We are replacing the playground for ages 5-12 at Blueridge Park, located at Berkley Avenue and Hyannis Drive in North Vancouver. 

To help guide our planning, we would like to hear your input on possible play features and activities for the new, accessible playground.

While the play area for 5-12 year olds is aging and requires replacement, the swings and play area for 3-5 year olds was updated in 2014 and will remain in place.

News & updates

May 1, 2023 — Playground complete

The new Blueridge playground is complete and open for fun. Thank you to all who participated in the online survey. Your input helped us to select the fun features on this playground including the curvy slide, the climbing wall, activity boards and a spinner. 

Blueridge Playground open

February 13, 2023 — Construction start

Construction for the new 5-12 playground will begin the week of February 13.

We are excited to share our new playground design, informed by input from the community. This playground will feature accessible and inclusive play areas with climbing, spinning, crawling, and balancing activities, as well as spaces for quiet retreats and socializing. 

The playground will be complete and open to visitors in spring 2023. 

Blueridge Playground showing play structure and features.Blueridge Playground showing play structure and features.

April 4, 2022 — Request for Proposal issued

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts about the new playground for Blueridge Park. We have shared your input with potential vendors in the request for proposal (RFP). We expect to make a decision later this spring and move to construction by the end of 2022.  

March 2022 — Community engagement 

To help guide planning for the new 5-12 playground at Blueridge Park, we asked for your input on the play features and experiences for the new park.

The online engagement will run March 7 - 20, 2022. 


The Blueridge Park playgrounds are located in the southeast corner of the park. The playground area consists of three separate facilities designed for different age groups.

The 5-12 playground, built in the 1990s, has reached the end of its service life and requires replacement. We replaced the other two adjacent playgrounds in 2014.

To be replaced in 2022

Age 5-12 playground consisting of a series of inter-linked multi-use, multi-level play structures. Interlinking structures that include climbing, hanging and jumping elements.

Replaced in 2014 (complete)

  • Age 1-5 swings consisting of one eight-foot-tall frame with two swing seats, one of which is for toddlers
  • Age 3-5 playground consisting of a multi-use, multi-level play structure featuring accessible interactive play elements, an accessible eight-foot swing with a baby swing and accessible banana seat, and two Kompan Spring toys



    Blueridge Park is a community park, located at Berkley Avenue and Hyannis Drive in North Vancouver. 

    The District’s 2012 Parks and Open Space Strategic Plan states that a community park is an important regional recreation destination due to its size, varied programmable facilities, and natural areas. 

    Currently, Blueridge Park offers multi-use natural grass sports fields, natural areas, and the only age 3-5 and 5-12 playgrounds in the neighbourhood. 

    In 2014, DNV Parks replaced the existing age 3-5 playground and adjacent swings. The new playgrounds quickly became very popular with local kids and helped accelerate the planning of a replacement for the adjacent 5-12 playground. 

    According to the parks infrastructure inventory database, the age 5-12 playground is due for replacement in 2022. Once this playground has been replaced, the entire park play area will be completely refurbished. 

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